13 Lifestyle Blogs that Make Money

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An internet blog can be an excellent way to make money and share useful insight on a given topic.

While being savvy with such platforms is vital, not many people know how to start lifestyle blogs that make money.

Thus, this guide takes a look at some of these blogs based on specific categories. Gaining insight into these blogs will broaden your perspectives. You will find it easier to choose a topic area to focus on and still provide your readers with useful content.

Writing a lifestyle blog is an interesting venture because you can use it to make money. The categories include vegan, men’s, yoga lifestyle blogs, and more. 

Let us dive right into it:

What are Lifestyle Blogs that Make Money?

A lifestyle blog is a website that contains content based on the personal interests or hobbies of the creator. Usually, such websites often have unique personalization features, such as the author’s name, location, life experiences, and more. 

A good example of a location-based blog would be this Yorkshire lifestyle blog. Setting up these resources is easy when one is well informed. There are many courses on how to make a lifestyle blog. The basic steps involved in starting a blog like this might include:

  1. The first step is to invest in a WebHost and secure a domain name.
  2. The second step before buying a domain is to choose a specific lifestyle niche or category. You can use this app for this process.
  3. Once the site owner has these two sets up, they should focus on a specific niche and the web design process. Then, proceed to developing the lifestyle blog content.
  4. The next important step is to develop a way to come up with a sitemap and ensure the website ranks in search engines. If you need help with this process, you can try this platform.

Men’s Lifestyle Blogs 

1. Ape to Gentleman

Ape to Gentleman

The Ape to Gentleman blog is a men’s magazine blog dedicated to providing useful information on various topics.

These include intelligent living, contemporary style, and more. The blog attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Started in 2009, the blog has been providing informative and engaging content on grooming for many years.

 The team at the blog is also comprehensive, including experts on various topics. These can include multiple editors, seasoned influencers, published authors, and more.

If you are struggling with relationships, social esteem, career paths, and more visit the ape to gentleman blog. They have content that is easy to digest, and most of it relates to many men’s real-life.

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2. Real Men Real Style 

Real Men Real Style

Created by Antonio Centono, this blog also makes up for one of the best blogs for men who want to dress well. The blog goes in-depth into various topics that relate to fashion, dressing, and grooming. Antonio has a knack for outlining useful information that men can apply to almost instantly change their appearances. According to Antonio, looking good is the first important step in making a man successful in life. 

These include aspects that include image, style, professional lives, and more. The blog has expanded significantly to cover various topics. These include dating advice, personal grooming, and more. The blog also contains various informative pieces, including videos and articles. 

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3. GQ Magazine

GQ MagazineFormerly referred to as Gentlemen`s Quarterly, GQ magazine ranks among some of the most popular men’s lifestyle blogs worldwide. The blog has evolved to become a business brand, which has its base in New York. Started in in 1931, many people consider the blog an authority site, and it covers many different topics. 

These include travel, sports, music, sex, movies, food, and more. The blog provides in-depth content on these specific topics, and they often get experts to comment on their work.

The site started as a clothing company. They then created a limited print magazine, which became one of the most popular lifestyle blogs. They have a large team of writers who are also experts on specific niches.  

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Vegan Lifestyle Blogs

4. Olives for Dinner

Olives for Dinner

This blog provides insight into the vegan lifestyles people should consider. The blog owner has done well to identify the fact that they were previously against the vegan lifestyle. Thus, the blog is a documentation of the immense knowledge they have acquired over the many years of learning about vegan lifestyles. 

It includes years of information they have gained from the many years of replicating and using various vegan diets. Created in 2011, the blog has grown significantly to become a popular platform for vegan lifestyles.

The blog focuses on some of the few areas that include classic comfort food, vegan seafood, and more. The other major topic the blog also recommends using lots of oils to help complement the food’s richness and flavor. 

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5. Lazycatkitchen


This blog by Ania also does well to provide information on positive lifestyle practices. She has collaborated with her husband, Duncan, who is also a health enthusiast. They have a pet dog, Tina, who also makes part of their new-age lifestyle. 

The couple lives in the UK, and this blog is a way for them to share the immense knowledge gathered from living a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, they live on Paros’ Greek Island, where they have taken this approach to life more seriously. Her husband is also a physical health enthusiast, and he shares various useful insight on the topic of healthy living.

According to Ania, the new vegan lifestyle has made significant improvements to the quality of her life. Her husband has helped her turn her passion into a cooking blog, where she shares lots of useful insight. 

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6. Koreanvegan


Born and raised in Chicago, Molinaro has immense information on Korean vegan meals. She started this blog as a side venture to share useful insight on leading such a lifestyle.

Aside from that, she is a lawyer by profession and is busy working litigating things in most cases. She notably works with various Fortune 500 companies and multinationals.

The Korean vegan blog is a platform she uses to interact with an ever-increasing community of readers. 

Molinaro uses this blog for interactive purposes, but she recently monetized it due to the large following she has accumulated. She started the blog as a platform for sharing content on politics and the law profession.

However, one of her posts on Korean diets went viral, and she then decided to shift her focus. Her Tik Tok account has millions of followers, and she has made appearances on TV shows as an expert on the topic.

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New Age Lifestyle Blogs

7. Coven 


Coven ranks as a Manila-based lifestyle blog that gives detail on various new age and mystical topics. A significant number of people worldwide have developed interests in the topic. Thus, this blog encourages its audience to consider spiritual growth and individualism through various lifestyle practices. 

The philosophy of the blog is mental health is vital in pursuing any goals in life. More so, they also work hard to promote a positive perspective for self-care and discovery.

According to the blog, these are important in understanding a host of different new age lifestyle topics. Furthermore, the blog has a simple and appealing design, making it perfect for perusing through various issues. 

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8. Zen Habits

Zen Habits

Zen Habits attracts over one million readers who come to learn about various new-age lifestyle topics. The founder of the blog is a massive proponent of multiple topics.

These have a significant focus on building productive and healthy lifestyles. Leo Babauta is the blog’s creator and has a substantial focus on health, simplicity, family, and more.

Furthermore, the blog is the perfect platform for people who want to learn about spirituality, mindfulness, and unadulterated content. The other good thing about this blog is that it’s well organized and free from advert posts. 

According to the blog, finding peace in a life full of chaos is essential. Thus, the blog recommends using various mindfulness techniques to improve the wellness and well-being of the individuals.

Furthermore, the blog’s creator is an individual with a wife and a family of four kids. He also encourages his family to incorporate healthy lifestyle practices into their lives. 

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9. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is an excellent go-to spiritual platform that helps individuals improve their mental and physical well-being. Most of the audience of this blog appreciate the timely presentation of work and useful information.

The focus is on encouraging people to incorporate health techniques into their lifestyles. The most special offering on the website would be the 66-Day Wellness Challenge.

The challenge helps instill various health habits and solutions that are important in improving one`s life quality. 

Started in 2009, the blog has become an industry leader in various topics. These include peace, happiness, relationships, struggles, and more. The appalling aspect of this blog is that its audience has millions of people each year.

The range of content at the site include love, change, meaning, mindfulness, and more. 

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College Lifestyle Blogs

10. Jessicalaughter

The owner of this blog is Jessica. She is a software engineer at Google, and she lives in Austin, Texas. She recently graduated from the University of Texas, where she has been studying Computer Engineering.

She opened this blog to share various types of informative content. These include blogging tutorials, brand reviews, studying advice, and more.

She provides well-researched and documented information on college life. It’s a technique that brings in hundreds of thousands of readers each month. Her experience working with Google has also played in the way she presents information to her audience. According to Jessica, the role of this blog is to document her life experiences.

She hopes to share these experiences as the perfect way to keep her audience informed. 

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11. Theblondelifestyle


Check out the Blonde Lifestyle blog, which offers information for current and future college students. The blog extends to various education concepts and topics all around the world. According to the blog, navigating the college world is not easy.

The blog has done well to identify that it’s not easy for new students to navigate new lives. Thus, it provides various types of useful information. 

These include information on different topic areas, including college advice, sorority life, study hacks, dorm décor ideas, and more. The creator of the blog is Madison. She is a journalism student at Missouri State University. F

urthermore, she has an active social life, where she is a member of the Phi Sigma Upsilon Honors Fraternity. Writing has been one of the major passions, and she uses this platform to share the information that she has acquired over the years. 

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12. Collegeinfogeek.com


Visit the Collegeinfogeek if you want to become a savvy student. According to the blog, college is not often a comfortable experience, and it includes different aspects of life. The blog also mentions that college is a “concentrated dose” of opportunities, which students have to leverage the right way. 

The blog also has a specific area of focus. Its to help students work on various challenges. These include learning on expert topics, finding job opportunities, making a living, and graduating without student debt.

Furthermore, the blog helps inform students on manipulating debt and making the most of their options. They also provide useful insight into fitness, traveling, college life, and DIY projects. 

Yoga Lifestyle Blogs

12. Bewellyogalifestyle


This blog started in 2014, with a focus on Yoga and healthy lifestyles. The blog owner started it to respond to the many questions she would get on the topic from family and friends.

Furthermore, she also wanted a platform to share and enforce the knowledge she had acquired. She has also enrolled in various yoga and teaching programs over the years. 

For instance, she recently enrolled in a 200-hour yoga program, where she has been learning from highly competent experts. These include Gina Caputo and Kathryn Budig.

She has also been documenting the immense information she has acquired on essential oils. 

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13. Vegan Boyfriend

Vegan Boyfriend

The site was created to help enforce the importance of caring for the planet and make people aware of the benefits associated with a vegan lifestyle. Furthermore, the site also focuses on sharing essential insights on the various recipes they use.

According to the site, vegan people are generous and savvy people in society.

The blog also mentions that many vegans have a negative social image because of various factors. 

These include the dairy/meat industry, the government, and more. Plus, there is lots of inaccurate information out there on vegan lifestyles. Thus, this blog goes in-depth into these topics.

Whether it’s making healthy smoothie or lip-smacking eats, the blog is out to help its audience make positive changes in their lives. It hopes to achieve this goal by providing accurate and in-depth information on the topic. 

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