13 Best Transcription Jobs 2021 – Sites that Pay Quick Money

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Earning online is not easy, but only if you don’t know what to do and where to find high-paying gigs online. But don’ worry. In this article, we will help you find the best transcription jobs online that can help you earn a significant amount.

It used to be a globally accepted fact that making money requires hard work and patience. Along with that, you have to learn a skill or get a formal education, become an experienced professional, and then work for eight hours a day.

But things have changed. Today, the internet has all kinds of ways that can help you avoid this cycle.

You can make money online at any time available to you with or without any particular skill set.

The options are endless, from small-scale investments to completing minor tasks and odd-jobs.

So, if you’re looking for a side hustle idea that can help you make money from home, you can start today by searching for online transcription jobs.

Here’s our list for the best transcription jobs to help you choose the best fit for yourself.

What Are Transcribing Jobs?

But first, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need to know what transcription jobs are.

Transcribing jobs are remote jobs that require you to convert audio or video files in text form. Mainly, you’ll have to listen to existing records that are assigned to you and type them out accurately.

You don’t need to have any experience or formal education to sign up on transcription websites. However, you should have a good typing speed, good listening power, and accuracy. You can attain all of this easily by practice, and take up home transcription jobs for passive income.

Besides that, there are some tools you’ll need at home as a transcriber.

First of all, you’ll need a smoothly working PC and a high-speed internet connection.

A headset is also essential so that you can concentrate on the audios along with a foot pedal to help you work faster.

Most importantly, you should have patience. While transcribing might seem like a piece of cake, it can get really frustrating as well.

Some of the audios often are of no good quality at all, so you’ll have a hard time deciphering it correctly.

Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it, you can land ample gigs on a daily basis as there’s a massive demand for transcribers.

List of the Top Transcription Jobs

Not only the blogging and entertainment industry require transcribing, but market research companies, educational institutes, health professionals, and journalists do as well.

The best part is, professional transcriptionists can make up to $45,000 per year, depending on the platforms they work for.

It’s crucial to choose a good transcription website to ensure you get a good workflow and timely payouts.

Let’s get to our list of the best transcription jobs online to give you some insight.


FlexJobs is one of the most reputable sites out there to find legitimate freelance and work from home jobs. They feature freelance jobs in a variety of responsibilities including data entry, writing, finance, programming and so much more. 

More importantly, FlexJobs is one of the ultimate places to be to get the highest volume of transcription jobs directly to your inbox. If you are a beginner or experienced in transcription, FlexJobs can be the ultimate place for you to build a book of business and work on your own terms. 



Top Freelance Gigs

FlexJobs is one of the most well-known freelance platforms out there. It’s the ultimate platform to find work from home or remote jobs for any skill set, including transription, data entry, virtual assistant, programming and so much more.


SolidGigs is one of those sites that you likely haven’t heard a ton about. But you probably should know it by now. SolidGigs delivers freelance jobs directly to your inbox every week for completely free.

Plus, you’ll get access to a ton of resources and tools to help you succeed as a freelancer. By joining, you’ll get new jobs directly to you so you don’t have to worry about pitching for new business. 

Like what you hear? Read our full SolidGigs review if you want to learn more about the platform. 




SolidGigs is my favorite unerrated gem in the freelancing world. You’ll get jobs directly to your inbox for completely free. Plus, they have a vast resources library to help you learn on how to become a freelancer. What’s not to love?


GoTranscript is the ultimate transcription website for beginners. You don’t need to be experienced or even have a fast typing speed to get jobs on GoTrascript. Moreover, they will pay you about $0.60 per video minute.

GoTranscript logo

Furthermore, on GoTranscript, you can work from anywhere in the world and get transcriptions jobs from international clients as well. Also, you can set your own working hours, depending on your free time.

Besides that, GoTrascript offers secure payouts as well. The payments are processed weekly, every Friday, through PayPal and Payoneer.

All you have to do is sign up, complete a short quiz, and transcribe some test audios. If you’re selected, you’ll be notified by a representative within a week, and you can start working.

Read more about the platform in this GoTranscript review.


If you’ve already begun searching for transcription websites, you must’ve come across TranscribeMe. It’s one of the most popular and highly-rated transcription platforms out there.

TranscribeMe logo

What makes the platform stand out is that it pays relatively more than its contemporaries. You can earn anywhere from $15 to $25 per audio hour of work. The website boasts that its top earners make about $2,500 every month.

Furthermore, TranscribeMe has a higher pay scale for legal and medical professionals. So if you’re a student and need some extra cash, this site is for you.

TranscribeMe is free without any registration or membership fee. Also, you can decide on the hours you’ll be available for work. You can transcribe in your free time and earn a good side income.

However, you’ll have to take a short exam to prove your eligibility for the job. If you pass the exam, you start getting work. You’ll get regular payouts through PayPal.

Like what you hear? Read more in this full TranscribeMe review.


Rev is another highly-rated freelancing platform offering work to professional and aspiring transcribers. Besides that, people with any language skills, including translator, sub-titling, can find work on Rev.

Rev logo

On average, Rev users earn $225 to $300 every month, while they’re highest earners make about $2000 per month. All you have to do is sign up and start getting gigs, but before that, you’ll have to take a short grammar test.

Don’t worry, the test is not difficult, but it does test your abilities thoroughly.

The site will give you a confirmation about your request within 48 hours after you complete the exam. After selection, choose from jobs transcribing lectures, podcasts, media interviews.

Besides, you can work for as much time as you have at hand and generate a substantial passive income.


CastingWords is the ultimate platform for beginners looking for the best transcription jobs.

While other companies provide limited opportunities to beginners and prefer experienced transcribers, CastingWords offers an equal platform for all.

CastingWords logo

When you sign up for the site, you’ll need to give out some personal information like your email or Facebook account. The site will notify you if you’re accepted, and you’ll get access to a list of jobs available.

The website interface is clear and user-friendly. The lists are easy to go through as well.

All of the jobs have the time duration of the audio written alongside. This way, you can pick a job depending on the time you have to spare.

Furthermore, CastingWords has a ranking system for its users. The site will give you a score on your performance for every task you complete. High-rankers can get jobs with higher payouts. Usually, you can earn about $0.50 for every minute.


QuickTate is a well-known transcription company that does business with consumer giants like Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, and Ford. Mainly, you’ll find call transcription and auditing jobs on QuickTate.

QuickTate logo

While other platforms usually require transcribing lectures, videos, and interviews, Here, you’ll have to transcribe voicemail, voice memos, phone calls, and speeches.

Another point that’s different about QuickTate is that it gives out weekly payouts through PayPal. Meaning, more frequent payments for you. On average, the platform pays about $5 to $10 per audio hour, depending on the job you take up.

Although no prior experience is required to sign up and begin working with QuickTate, you’ll still have to pass the transcription test. Once you pass the test and register on the site, you can access the job lists and start working at flexible hours.


Tigerfish is one of the pioneering names in transcription websites. They’ve been providing transcription jobs for over two decades. You can sign up with Tigerfish if you’re 18 or above, and a US citizen.

Tigerfish transcribing logo

Yes, Tigerfish only hires US citizens or legal US residents, and everyone who signs up has to go through strict scrutiny before they get selected.

As a beginner, you’ll have to go through the platform’s style guide carefully, so that you can learn how to render the language in that style.

After that, you’ll have to download the sample audios provided on the site, transcribe them and send them to the platform’s official email. If they like your work, they will notify you within a week.

Once you’re a working member on Tigerfish, you will be assigned to transcribe files like interviews, police interrogations, documentaries, and films.

The site pays about $8 to $10 per hour. Also, it processes its payment transactions every fortnight through PayPal.

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Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink offers one of the best transcription job platforms for beginners. It has a vast range of language-related jobs, including transcription, editing, copywriting, translation, and subtitling.

VerbalInk Logo

However, to qualify for Verbal Ink, you have to be a US citizen and pass their eligibility test. Verbal Ink’s entry test is quite tough compared to other transcription platforms. This means you’ll need to have a good command of language and excellent interpretation skills to get selected.

Nevertheless, if you’re selected, you’ll be assigned work immediately.

You can set the number of hours you can work in a day according to your convenience.

Verbal Ink pays more than other transcription platforms, so going through the test is worth it. But, you’ll have to complete some other mandatory aspects such as having a foot pedal and handset to keep you focused while you’re working.

They pay about $8 to $10 to beginners, and the prices get higher once you start gaining experience. Verbal Ink gives out all its payouts through PayPal.

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SpeechPad is an audio transcription company previously known as Speechlink. The platform hires people from all around the world. Most of the work on Speechpad consists of insurance company interviews.

speechpad logo

If you want to sign up on Speechpad, you should have a typing speed of 40 words per minute. We know what you’re thinking; most beginners don’t know their typing speeds.

You can easily calculate it by timing yourself. Forty words per minute are easy to achieve for a beginner. Once you sign up, the platform will test your typing and listening skills.

Beginners on SpeechPad earn about $0.25 per minute, while more seasoned transcribers can earn up to $1 per minute. The best part is, you can get quick payouts through PayPal every Friday and Tuesday.

Besides that, SpeechPad also has a bonus program for transcribers who want to increase their earnings. Transcribers who qualify get a bonus on their weekly payouts. This can help you earn over $20 per hour.

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SpeakWrite is a famous transcription company operating since 1997. The platform is available for people from the US and Canada. The company serves over 65000 clients from various sectors, including law enforcement, legal, government, and private clients.


At SpeakWrite, they have different selection criteria for different jobs. However, once you get selected, you can earn more than $300 per month.

Besides that, SpeakWrite has some basic requirements for beginners. Firstly, they should have some experience with Microsoft Word, along with operating advanced formatting features.

Secondly, their preferred writing speed is about 60 words per minute, with 90% accuracy. Thirdly, aspiring transcription workers on SpeakWrite should be fluent in English and have perfect grammar knowledge.

If you fall into the criteria and pass the scrutiny, you’ll get approval. Even after you’re approved, you’ll have to complete some training jobs before you start getting paid.

You can set your hours according to your availability. You can also get a 10% bonus by working specific shifts, so keep an eye on that while you’re browsing the site.

SpeakWrite pays its users directly by check and does not have facilities like PayPal payouts.

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GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription offers excellent opportunities for freelancers. You can earn about $1000 to $3000 per month, depending on your skills, qualifications, and the difficulty of the audio file you’re assigned.

GMR Transcription logo

Besides that, the site has a reward program for experienced transcriptionists. They can get more value for the time they give on the platform by working regularly.

They’re a US-based company. But, they accept everyone who wants to work from all over the globe.

Moreover, they have a variety of transcription jobs available in English to the Spanish language. They provide transcription services for educational use, legal files, market research companies, and podcasts.

Signing up with GMR Transcription is easy. You’ll have to start by submitting your resume. After that, you’ll get an email about the entry test details. The test is mainly the job you’ll be doing on the site, you’ll have to transcribe an audio file.

If you’re selected, they will contact you within one or two weeks. Also, you’ll be on probation until you transcribe at least two video or audio hours accurately.

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Scribie is a highly-rated platform where you can land lots of audio and video transcription gigs.


Unfortunately, Scribe provides the lowest payouts as compared to other similar platforms. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent site for beginners to start off their transcription career.

The reason for the low payouts is maybe because most of the files they give out for transcription are short and easy. Mainly, these audios are from phone calls, speeches, and interviews.

Furthermore, Scribie has a mandatory turnaround time of two hours for every file. You can earn about $5 to $50 per audio hour according to the difficulty level and how fast you submit your transcripts.

Moreover, Scribie jobs are very flexible. You can work from home whenever you’re free and also choose the files you want to transcribe.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up and pass a transcription test. If you qualify, you’ll be assigned files for transcription.

Also, they only pay through PayPal, so you’ll need to have a PayPal account to begin working on this platform.

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Final Words

Concluding our list of the best transcriptions jobs online, you’ve probably noticed that if you’re looking for transcription work, there are a lot of options available.

But even though transcribing jobs are easy and usually require no experience, they’re tedious and monotonous. So, if you’re asking yourself, can I do transcription work part-time? Then yes, you totally can.

However, can you make a living transcribing? Most likely not, unless you’re a professional typist or plan to diversify your option in the future by going for other language-related gigs.

Don’t take our word for it, try it out and find out if it works for you or not. Happy Scribing!

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