13 Actual Sites That Give You Money

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re wondering, “How can I get strangers to give me money?” Here’s the only guide you’ll need on gathering funds online. 

Want To Earn Easy Money?

In August 2019, Bill Pulte gave away $100 to 100 random people.

Most of the time the rich can be very generous, and Bill Pulte, who inherited his money from his grandfather, started #TwitterPhilantrophy to encourage other people to extend financial help to others as well. 

The moral of the story: if you’re looking for quick cash, you’re bound to find it online. The Internet is thick with affluent people who feel the desire to give back, and Pulte is only one in a long list of millionaires who give away money online.

If you’re hard-up and in desperate need of cash, there’s a good chance you’ll get rewarded (especially if you’re good at stating your case). 

In this list, we put together 12 of the best sites where you can ask strangers for cash.

Whether you’re trying to start a business but lack the funds to begin or you’re overcome with debt and in a deep financial rut, at least one of the sites in this list should help you out! 

1. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is the do anything and get some form of money site. First, you’ll immediately get $5 simply by signing up and joining so it’s an extremely easy way to get free money.  

Then, InboxDollars will give you money in a variety of ways including your upfront signup bonus, answering questions, earning cashback, playing games and even watching videos. 

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review

Sign up for InboxDollars and start earning extra money with ease.

2. Begging Money 

Begging Money website

Begging Money is for people who often think, “How do I get strangers to give me money without giving anything in return?” This platform offers financial hardship help to absolutely anyone who needs it. If you’re good at stating your case, then you’re bound to find wealthy people giving money away here who will sympathize with your cause.

Just like CyberBeg, Begging Money doesn’t charge any fees from the donations that go into your account. All your earnings will be routed directly through PayPal, and you’ll have to create a PayPal.me link in order to avoid scammers

Sending a request in Begging Money is easy. All you need to do is to compose a 400-word appeal explaining why you need money, and then select the category of your request. If you’re saving up to pay a dentist bill, for example, then select the “Dental” category.

All requests must come with one original photo that is related to the request (your dental bill, for example).  

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3. GoFundMe

GoFundMe website

GoFundMe claims to be the world’s largest social fundraising platform and with good reason – the company has raised over $5 billion for its beneficiaries.

Through the website, a San Francisco restaurant was able to raise $50k to get out of debt while a first-year teacher raised $1k to equip her classroom. Testimonials like these abound and are a testament to the effectiveness of the platform.  

GoFundMe is a platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals, but the platform focuses mainly on charity. The website is often used when crowdfunding for medical expenses. 

If you’re planning to fundraise on GoFundMe, bear in mind that the platform skims 3% off of what you’ll raise as a service fee.

When signing up for GoFundMe, you’ll discover that you’ll be able to fundraise for a plethora of purposes, including medical, emergency, memorial, education, nonprofit, newlywed, faith, family, and others. 

4. FundMyTravel

FundMyTravel website

If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I find people to give me money to fund my travels?” FundMyTravel is the perfect website for you. This fundraising platform is for anyone looking to raise funds for their domestic or international travels, or other travel-related projects. 

You can create a personal campaign page and share it with your friends, family, and the FundMyTravel community. Do note that the platform remits 5% of each donation made to your account as administrative fees. 

Donations will be automatically sent to your account without having to wait for your goal to be fulfilled. 

FundMyTravel can be used to raise funds for more than just leisure travel.

Whether you’re traveling abroad to work, study, or volunteer, or have to fly somewhere to attend to a family emergency, FundMyTravel can incentivize donors to contribute and even gather support offline.  

5. Kickstarter

Kickstarter website

There’s no better place to look for people giving away money than Kickstarter. If you have a creative project that you’re looking to launch, Kickstarter’s millions of supporters will try to make it happen by offering the financial help you need. 

Unlike platforms like GoFundMe or Indiegogo, your projects in Kickstart must meet its fundraising goals in a specified period of time before you’re allowed to cash out your funding. 

If your campaign ends successfully, you must provide rewards to your backers which may vary depending on your project.

If you plan to launch a board game, for example, you’ll have to offer different rewards to people depending on their pledge amount (i.e. trading cards for those who made $10 pledges, a special edition board game for those pledging $500). 

If your dream is particularly creative in nature, Kickstarter is definitely an avenue worth pursuing. 

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6. Reddit

RandomKindness Reddit

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I get people to give me money without any reason?” Then Reddit is worth a try.

You’ll find wealthy people giving money away in subreddits such as #RandomKindness.

This subreddit is filled with people who are looking to support others in a plethora of ways, such as giving away money, log-in codes for video games, or greeting your mom a happy birthday. You’ll need a minimum of 300 comment karma in order to post in this subreddit. 

More than just money, you’ll find other subreddits that are geared towards generosity. “Random Acts of Amazon” is where people buy Amazon gifts for one another.

Random Acts of Pizza is exactly what it sounds like: tell everyone why you need pizza and you just might get it! 

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7. Cyberbeg

Cyberbeg Website

While its website can use a little work, Cyberbeg is a great website if you’re looking for rich people giving away money. The platform dubs itself “The Cyber Beggars site for Cyber begging”, and with good reason: it connects people who are financially unfortunate with people who are looking to donate. 

The great thing about Cyberbeg is that it doesn’t take anything away from your total earnings whenever someone donates to your cause.

All donations will be sent to your Paypal account, so the only thing you’ll be paying for are Paypal service fees. You’ll find a variety of requests in Cyberbeg, from people looking to pay off their bills, to those looking for medical help and education.  

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8. Fundable

Fundable Website

If you’re starting a business and need financial support to begin, Fundable is one of the best sites to try out. Used by thousands of startups, Fundable is perfect if you have a convincing business idea and you’re serious about getting it started. 

Fundable has so far generated $571 million in funding for its users, making it one of the best websites where you’ll find rich people giving away money.

You can choose between offering rewards or equity. If you select rewards, you can raise funds by offering pre-orders or selling your product or merchandise. If you select equity, you can offer shares of stocks to companies in exchange for funding commitments. 

Fundable also doubles as a marketing tool as it exposes your fundraise to your network.

Their comprehensive profile allows you to showcase your business while sharing your idea with your family, friends, customers, colleagues, and the media. 

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9. Ko-fi

Kofi website

Ko-fi, a Kickstarter alternative, is for people who constantly ask themselves “How can I get people to give me money for my creative project?” This online service allows anyone to donate to your ongoing art and creative project.

While other platforms are for charitable or business use, Ko-fi is for creatives: bloggers, podcasters, illustrators, and the like, who need financial support to build the project of their dreams.

Just like other crowdfunding platforms, Ko-fi needs to be connected to your Paypal so people can donate small amounts of money with just one click. 

The idea behind Ko-Fi is being able to donate without the pressure of donating substantial amounts. It’s a “friendly and free way for fans to support your work for the price of a coffee,” the website says. 

Ko-fi comes in two versions, the free version, and Ko-fi Gold. The latter costs $6 a month and offers monthly subscriptions and allows you to accept commissions through the site. 

10. JustGiving

JustGiving website

With a mission to make sure that “no great cause goes unfunded”, JustGiving is an online charity platform where you’ll find wealthy people giving money away.

The website has so far helped people in 164 countries by raising over $4.5 billion since it was founded in 2000.

If you’re raising money for a charitable cause, this platform will connect you to generous individuals who can help you reach your goals. 

With JustGiving, your cause is promoted to over 22 million people in various ways. As a tech-first company, the platform has been consistently improving its donation flows and tools so you can effectively raise money for your cause. 

All fundraising pages can be customized according to your brand colors which you can further improve with donate buttons, widgets, and APIs.

The platform skims off 2 to 5% on donation and Gift Aid contribution, and you’ll have to pay a membership fee depending on the volume of your donations. 

11. Begslist


If you’re looking to ask money from the rich, Begslist can help. This online donation website is for anyone who needs extra funds when they’re buried in financial problems.

If you’re looking for emergency cash but don’t want to panhandle in public, Begslist allows you to become anonymous to reduce the embarrassment in doing so. 

Most of the requests on the page are from people trying to make ends meet, just lost their job, buried in bills, need help in medical expenses, and are currently unemployed.

All you need to do is to create a profile in Begslist.com and select the category of your request.

You can post a request about business, creative arts, medical help, financial crisis, education, disaster relief, and others. 

There are no fees to set up a campaign in Begslist, but a 5% percent of your donation will be charged as fees for its services. 

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12. Fundly


Whether you’re raising funds for charities, clubs, teams, churches, politics, or personal use, Fundly is a great way to connect with generous people who are looking to help.

It’s free to create an account in Fundly, but it skims off 4.9% for every donation that’s sent to your account. 

Fundly is for anyone who wants to fundraise regardless of the reason. If you need help covering medical expenses, get through college, pay bills, or support a non-profit, this platform has all the tools you need to raise enough funds to reach your goal. 

Available in the US, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, signing up for Fundly is a straightforward process. You’ll have to compose a fundraiser story, add a photo, and then share your fundraiser with all your contacts.

The platform allows you to withdraw your earnings as soon as you start receiving donations. 

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13. Rally

Rally website

Rally dubs itself as an “easy-to-use storytelling platform” that allows anyone to fundraise online and build social awareness. The platform has since helped over 25,000 organizations and individuals solve their problems, broadcast their passions, and mobilize communities.

If you’re asking yourself, “Who can give me money right now?” There’s bound to be one in Rally’s 5 million users who’ll be passionate about your cause. 

Rally allows you to create an effective and attractive fundraising page that can accept both credit cards and eCheck payments. All pages have built-in social sharing tools so you can promote your fundraiser to your friends, family, social media. 

To date, the platform has been used by numerous organizations to organize disaster relief, pay for tuition, start companies, cover the cost of medical expenses, fund films, and the like.

A transaction fee of 5% is taken from your donations, including a 2.9% and 30 cent credit card/bank processing fee.  

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