12 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies

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Get paid to watch movies? Is that a thing?

It can be. But before we dive much further, good money won’t roll in just because you’ve turned the TV on while wearing your jammies.

You have to do a little strategizing, like figuring where your strengths lie, doing research and be willing to talk to people about film.

And, we’re not going to spend much time talking about submitting surveys while watching trailer after trailer. 

We’re going to talk more about real ways to get paid to watch movies and what you need to do to get started. Get paid to watch movies on your phone.

How to Get Paid to Watch Movies

There are many ways to break into the illustrious field of getting paid to watch movies.

1. Survey Sites

The easiest possible way to get paid to watch movie previews is by signing up for survey sites. InboxDollars is one of the many sites available that will reward you for watching videos, including movie trailers and TV shows.

Get $5 for signing up, watch a playlist of videos and movie previews. Then see the credits stack in your account.

Cash-out at $30. Pretty easy, right?

But maybe that’s not quite what you had in mind. Your real question was how can I get paid to watch movies movies, not just trailers or cooking vids.

So, now that we’ve got the survey site option out of the way, let’s discuss how you can get a J-O-B watching movies.

2. Work for Netflix.

Get paid to watch movies on Netflix for Netflix. Sound too good to be true?

Friends, it’s absolutely true. Gather ’round.

The brass at Netflix are, of course, too busy to sit around watching movies themselves. They have episodes of  The Queen’s Gambit to produce.

So they need folks to sit and watch all the movies to put them into their appropriate categories. They call these lucky individuals “taggers.”

Taggers decide from a list of about 1,000 or so words how a movie should be categorized. Netflix aficionados know their movie categories get fairly specific–“comic book and superhero movies,” or “dramas based on books.”

These tags are part of an algorithm that determines which titles will appear in front of customers based on their interests and watch history. Tags also make their listed movies searchable.

Naturally, there’s some fierce competition whenever a tagger’s position is advertised. The actual position may be listed as editorial creative manager, content analyst or editorial analyst. 

Whatever they call it when you see Netflix Inc. put out a call for taggers, be ready to take “action!”

But how can you stand out so you can get paid to watch movies on Netflix?

  • Check friends and family members to see if they or anyone they know already works there. An in-house referral is golden.
  • Customize your resume and write an engaging cover letter highlighting any experience, education or hobbies related to film.
  • If you land an interview, convey your enthusiasm for the television and movie industries and be prepared to talk shop.
  • Ask questions, but also show you’ve done your research. You should know Netflix like you know the names of Oscar winners from 2011 (which you recite in your sleep).
  • Tell them how you can fill in their tagger gap perfectly with your knowledge of film and dedication to their objectives.
  • Follow up with a thank-you note including your favorite bits from the conversation. If you have a suggestion for a category they’ve never thought of, include it.
  • Bam! When can you start?

3. Start a blog and monetize it.

If you’ve ever wondered can I get paid to watch movies and write about it?, the answer is a huge yes. Starting a blog is super easy.

First, you’ll need to choose a blogging platform. Then pick a domain name and a web hosting company.

You don’t need a fancy-dancy web designer if you can’t afford one. Your platform should have templates that make it easy to design an attractive website yourself.

To get paid to watch movies from home, you need to monetize your blog with pay-per-click ads, affiliate links, sponsorships or any number of ways.

If writing isn’t your thing, create a YouTube account and vlog about the movies you’ve seen. Or start a podcast.

Sign up some sponsors and start to earn money watching movies and talking about them.

4. Earn money watching Hallmark movies.

If you are on the “good list” all-year-round,  you might wish to score a gig where you can earn money watching Hallmark movies that come out at Christmas time. In 2019, a Century Link authorized sales agent made that wish come true for someone.

The sales agent posted an application, along with requirements (you had to be 18 or older and have social media accounts) and their terms and conditions.

People submitted completed applications, along with videos of themselves geeking out on the holidays, for an opportunity to earn $1000 watching Hallmark movies.

In case you’re a total Grinch, Hallmark Christmas movies are feel-good light romances usually featuring a mousey but pretty small-town librarian/bookstore owner/waitress who bumps into a big-city banker/lawyer/plastic surgeon in the middle of a snowy sidewalk.

He helps her pick up the parcels she’s dropped and casually mentions how he’s in her small town to bulldoze their quaint Main Street to make room for his new big city bank/law office/plastic surgery center. 

She’s determined to stop him, but he’s so cute! And infuriating! Eventually, she comes out of her shell to rally the town in stopping the development. There’s some confusion and then a big kiss as snow falls in the end.

Sometimes there is a mischievous dog or child wise beyond their years in the mix.

The company offered 1000 clams to watch 24 of these.  And they may do it again, so be alert.

Other companies have tried this, including Reviews.org just last year. Only they paid $2500. Earn money watching Hallmark movies.

5. Get a job as a professional television watcher.

The “earn money to watch Hallmark movies” scheme isn’t the only one to come out of Tinsel Town. Jimmy Kimmel once said he paid up to $600 a week to staffers to watch TV for him all day to find material for his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live

Recently, USDish put out a call for someone to get paid to watch The Office and fill out a tally sheet of tropes like how many times Dwight announces something as “False!” or  Andy calls Jim “Tuna” because he saw him eat a tuna fish sandwich once.

The salary? You can get paid to watch The Office a cool $1000 for 15 hours of viewing.

Candidates had to be 18 or older and somehow get USDish’s attention with a gimmicky application showing why they should be the one to get paid to watch The Office.

These kinds of “jobs” pop up from time to time. There’s got to be a way to make some sort of bot to find them. Otherwise, create alerts with keywords on job hunting sites and see what lands in your inbox. Get paid to watch

6. Get paid to watch movies from home as a transcriptionist.

Another legit way to earn money watching Hallmark movies, shows like The Office, videos, movie trailers and more is to become the person that transcribes the audio into text documents, subtitles and captions.

Captions are the typed dialogue from shows and movies that appear on the screen if you have the service enabled on your TV.

There are a few websites where you can sign up to do this. TranscribeMe is one where you can make about $15 to $22 an hour transcribing videos. To get started, fill out their online form, then confirm your email address.

You’ll get access to a dashboard with training materials available. Once you’ve reviewed their instructional videos and guides, you’ll be expected to complete an unpaid test that takes about an hour.

If you pass the test, you’ll be approved to start transcribing and making some fairly good quick cash. The videos are more technical than entertaining, though.

You can also look for captioning or subtitling jobs on Fiverr and get paid to watch movies and other videos that way.

There is a need for professional closed captioners for the entertainment industry’s TV shows and movies. These jobs require the fast typing skills and listening skills you cultivated transcribing all those technical videos on TranscribeMe.

Closed captioners for TV shows and movies can start making about $12 per hour.

Set up alerts on job sites for a closed captioner. But in the meantime, check out TranscribeMe and Fiverr for faster results and experience.

7. Be a Nielson panelist.

Get paid to watch movies from home by becoming a Nielson family.

Nielson ratings have always been a highly regarded system of measuring the public’s opinion about TV shows and movies. Now they have a panel where you play an integral part of their ratings and data organization.

Potential panelists are required to be 18 years or older with an internet connection and a device on which they can download software. The only information they need is contact info like name, phone number and date of birth.

You’ll never be asked for a credit card. After completing the brief online form, you’ll be able to create a username and password.

An authentication text will be sent to your phone. Then you’ll need to provide household information, like the number of people living in the home, which devices are in use and internet usage.

Your address is needed so they can send you $50! For about 10-minutes of work.

Nielson will do the rest as you earn money watching movies, which is gathering data about what you watch and how often you watch on your registered devices. This data is then used to prepare reports and provide analysis.

According to their Privacy Policy, your personal information will never be sold to third parties for marketing purposes. Nor will they have access to your personal information other than your internet usage which remains anonymous. 

They also hold sweepstakes for cash prizes and allow you to collect points to turn in for rewards. As long as you keep the software or app going, you’ll receive $50 every year.

8. Earn money watching movies at the theater.

Sometimes you need the immersive experience of watching a movie with the smell of freshly popped corn, giant tubs of soda, sticky floors and a sound system that will blow your hair around…like at the movie theater!

So how do you earn money watching movies if you’re not at home entering your data in an app?

Why by going to the movies and collecting the data there, of course.

Not only will you get paid approximately $25 to $30 an hour, but you can also expense your tickets and concession snacks for reimbursement.

It’s called in-theater checks and it’s a dream job for any movie fanatic. Cinema and production companies need this precious data to analyze the current moving-going experience for patrons and fans.

  • If you want to get paid to watch movie previews and movies at the theater, this is what you have to do:
  • Note the number of trailers played and how long they were
  • Record the number of people watching the movie and what the showtime was
  • Record the number of people watching a particular movie at all the showtimes
  • Note the advertisers and how long their ads were
  • See sneak previews and report on the demographics and reactions of the audience
  • Report on the physical condition of the theater as well as sound and picture quality and ticket prices
  • Summarize your entire personal movie watching experience Earn money watching movies at the theater.

Get a job making movies 

Okay, let’s stop messing around. We need to talk about how to earn money watching movies by making movies.

You don’t just love to watch movies. You are obsessed with how to earn money watching Hallmark movies, action movies, horror movies and just about anything on film.

So, why not jump into the business of making movies?

A film career is not for the shy. You have to constantly network and do your best work whenever given the opportunity.

Yes, the people in front of the camera aren’t always well-behaved. But behind the scenes, professionalism is key.

9. Study to be a movie director.

The director is one of the “bosses” on the set and is responsible for taking the screenplay and bringing it to life through the actors, costumes, set and cinematography.

A director typically will go through film school and earn an advanced degree. A typical career path will start with an internship at a studio.

You’ll also be expected to work as a crew member, as well as write, produce and direct your own short films for your “reel.” Network at and enter film festivals to build your reputation as a talented and up-and-coming director.

The median salary is about $65,000 a year unless you’re one of the very talented tiny few who make Hollywood blockbusters. They make millions. Get paid to watch movies by becoming a director.

10. Become a film producer.

Get paid to watch movies you made by producing them. There are all sorts of producers, from the hands-on to the executive.

Typically, an executive movie producer is charged with finding scripts and building movies from them. They can be degreed in film or business or both, but they must have a passion for it.

It’s a difficult job, but incredibly exciting if you’re up for the challenge of putting out fires, dealing with demanding personalities and welcoming lots of drama in both your work and life.

The median salary is about $75,000 a year. $140,000 if working in Hollywood. The really big money comes from royalties.

You must know the film industry inside and out through formal film-making education. Start your high-wheeling career by interning with a studio and being absolutely brilliant.

Eventually, you can start your own production company, eating lunch every day with movie stars. And let them pick up the check. 

11. Build sets.

You can’t have a movie without a set. If you’re good with tools and building, get paid to watch movies by working behind the scenes designing and constructing sets.

Your skills come into play well before shooting starts as you’re the one who interprets what the surroundings look like as the actors say their lines. Your true-to-life backgrounds will influence the direction and action.

Start by building sets for your local theaters. As you network and market your credits, your reputation will spread. Bigger and better projects will come your way.

If you deliver on those projects with hard work and creativity, you will eventually find your way onto larger, better-paying projects. In Hollywood, most set designers are freelancers.

Expect to make about $50,000 annually. Set designers usually start in theater.

12. Become a cinematographer.

Earn money watching movies from behind the camera. A cinematographer, or director of photography, is in charge of disseminating tasks from the director to the rest of the crew.

They’re the ones who coordinate the light and sound people, camera operators and actors. They also will take information from each of these set factions to the director.

The scenes, and ultimately the movie, come together under their organization. Cinematography is a leadership track that naturally progresses for those who start in set designing and camera operations.

It’s also the perfect role for those who desire insider status on productions without the headaches and chest pains that come from being a producer or director. However, the hours are irregular and pitching in with physical labor on set is expected.

 You must know film about as well if not better than anyone else involved in movie-making. The expected pay is about $70,000 a year.

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