12 Unique Apps Like MobileXpression [Official Options]

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MobileXpression can be a good source to earn some extra money, but there are more apps like MobileXpression. In this article, we have listed some of the best.

12 MobileXpression Site & App Alternatives

Who wouldn’t like to make some instant money online absolutely free? Nowadays, you’ll find a plethora of sites on the internet that let you do small task jobs to generate some side hustle income.

MobileXpression logo

You can do all sorts of things from taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and even downloading apps on your phone.

However, finding a legit app that works for you is essential before you get started.

Don’t worry, if you’re a beginner and need to find your way around, here’s our list of the best apps like MobileXpression where you can watch and earn money.

List of Top Apps like MobileXpression

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a legit platform where you can earn money by completing minor tasks. The main earning opportunity on the app is taking surveys.

Like MobileXpression is a mobile research app, Survey Junkie helps conduct market behavior research for its partners.

survey junkie logo

Through these surveys, you give the platform your thoughts and opinions. They, in turn, sell the information to brands who use it to enhance their user experience.

On Survey Junkie, you can redeem your earnings in the form of gift cards, or get hard cash through PayPal.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$1 – $50 PayPal & Gift Cards $10 Read Full Review


InboxDollars is an online rewards site similar to Swagbucks. You can earn money for free on the site by answering polls, playing games, watching video ads, and reviewing products. The best part is, you can choose the task you like and get started.

InboxDollars logo

Besides that, InboxDollars gives you cash back for shopping through the app as well. Once you join, you’ll receive a signup bonus of $5. After that, anything you earn will be recorded in your in-app account until you want to cash out your funds.

You can redeem your funds in gift cards or receive cash through PayPal.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review


LifePoints is a survey site that operates all over the world. Users worldwide can achieve points by completing in-app surveys and small tasks. Further, these points can be redeemed in exchange for gift cards and cash.

LifePoints logo

The best part is, LifePoints offers surveys in about 26 different languages. This means, if you don’t speak English and want to earn through an online site like MobileXpression, you can go for LifePoints.

Upon signing up, you’ll have to complete your profile by filling out your personal and demographic details. After that, the platform will notify you of surveys that fit your location and personality. So, you’ll rarely end up wasting your time on a study you don’t qualify for.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.6 – $1 Lifepoints pays in PayPal $20 Read Full Review


Swagbucks is one of the pioneering apps when it comes to passive online income. Besides taking surveys, the platform offers various small tasks that you can complete and earn points for free.

Swagbucks Logo

These tasks include everything from watching videos to scanning your shopping receipts or shopping online. Just like MobileXpression, most of these tasks don’t need much of your time or attention.

Especially shopping, all you have to do is buy the stuff you usually would, and earn cashback.

Furthermore, Swagbucks offers many payment methods for you to choose from, including gift cards, discounts, and cash.

The site also provides an immediate $10 bonus for signing up, so you can get your first payment in just a few days of joining.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.4 – $2 PayPal or Gift Cards $3 Read Full Review


Rakuten is a pioneering shopping cashback app that pays you doing nothing, just like MobileXpression. Being one of the first apps to bring about this concept, the platform has a long list of partner brands and retailers.

Rakuten Logo

All you have to do is search for the retailer you’re intending to buy from on the app, and shop through it. Now, the site will track all your purchases automatically and give you immediate discounts and cashback.

Moreover, it offers a welcome bonus of $10, and referral bonuses if you get someone else to join the site as well. You can quickly maximize your earning and create a steady passive income.

Cashback Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to 40% PayPal or Gift Cards $5 Read Full Review

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

If you’re looking for a mobile research app like MobileXpression, Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel works the same way as the former. You’ll get rewards only by downloading the app on your phone and leaving it running in the background.

Nielsen logo

The site works by tracking your mobile activity. Such as, how many texts you send and receive, and how many calls you make in a day. In turn, they sell these statistics and information to research companies that pay them for the data.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel gives a percentage of the revenue to their users as a reward for downloading the app.

What makes this site different from other mobile research sites is that it takes up very little space on your phone and uses minimal data.

Meaning, it won’t hurt your phone’s productivity while it’s running in the background.


KashKick is a relatively new but legit survey site that pays you to take surveys and opinion polls. The platform offers other tasks you can complete for money, such as playing games and watching videos as well.

However, taking surveys is the most highly paid and available task on the platform.

KashKick earnings

What we love about Kashkick is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to find your way around, even if you’re a newcomer.

Nevertheless, the platform might look a little shady because of the lack of ownership information. If you’re not sure about joining a website that doesn’t disclose everything to its users, you should consider another one from our list.

Besides that, you cannot access Kashkick unless you like in the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK.


Drop is another app like MobileXpression where you can earn extra money online through your smartphone.


All you have to do is download Drop and connect your credit and debit cards to the app. After you’ve done that, the app will track all your purchases and give you discounts and gift cards every time you shop through their platform.

Depending on the retailer you shop from, you can get anything from 1% to 5% cashback on each purchase. When you’ve got enough cash in your Drop account, you can receive your rewards through gift cards or PayPal cashout.

Like what you are hearing? Read more in this full Drop app review.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is an insanely profitable app that offers cashback on every shopping transaction you make. Regardless of the store or brand, you shop from, you can scan the receipt through the app and get free cash back.

Fetch Rewards logo

This one is even better than MobileXpression because you don’t also have to waste your phone battery or data as well. Just shop normally as you would for anything you need and get amazing discounts and cashback.

What makes Fetch Rewards different is that you don’t have to scan receipt barcodes like you have to on other shopping reward apps.

Just upload a clear picture of your receipt and receive your instant cashback.


Wikibuy is also among the apps like MobileXpression that offers passive online income for free. The platform has exceptionally profitable offers and deals when you’re shopping online or making in-store purchases.

Wikibuy logo

Besides that, the Wikibuy browser extension works in the background and applies coupons and codes automatically on every purchase.

This means, if you’re shopping with one of its partner stores and brands, you’ll get an instant discount at checkout, or receive your cashback when you complete the purchase.

Using Wikibuy, you can save money on luxury items and everyday items like grocery and medicine.


If you don’t mind investing some time in completing surveys to earn some side income online, Survey Time is an excellent option for you. It’s a legit site with lots of high-paying surveys for you to take in exchange for cash and rewards.

Surveytime logo

On Survey Time, the surveys and polls can take you anywhere from 5 mins to half an hour to complete, depending on the length and complexity. That’s why the price ranges accordingly, as well.

When you sign up for the platform, they’ll have a few details regarding your location, profession, lifestyle, and education.

This helps the site scan out surveys that you might be eligible for or the ones that might interest you.

Besides that, each survey has a short questionnaire at the beginning to check whether you qualify for it or not. These involve some mathematical and logical problems, too, to keep bots out of their system.

Sometimes, you might open the site only to find out that there aren’t any surveys available. In this case, all you have to do is come back a few minutes later and get to work.


Last on our list of apps like MobileXpression, Dosh is a popular shopping cashback app that you can download on your mobile phone to earn money.

Similar to Drop, Fetch Rewards, and other shopping reward sites, you’ll have to connect your credit and debit cards when you signup.


Through this information, Dosh will track your purchases and provide the cashback you’re entitled to.

To receive guaranteed cashback on all your purchases, scan through their partner list whenever you intend to shop for a product.

Once you choose a store or retailer that you like, the app will direct you to their website, where you can buy as you would normally.

Depending on the retailer and the product you’re buying, you can get up to 1% or even 10% cash back through Dosh.

What is MobileXpression?

We know what you’re thinking. There’s a chance you haven’t heard about MobileXpression yet. Before we begin with our list, you’ll need to know what it is and how it works to explore your options accordingly.

MobileXpression is mainly a mobile performance meter that conducts consumer behavior analysis for its partners. When you download the app on your mobile phone, you’re actually helping them collect data for their research.

This way, when MobileXpression gets its commission from its partners, they share a percentage with users like you.

The app rewards you with redeemable vouchers, which you can exchange for gift cards at various popular retailers around you. It’s a simple way to generate some passive income without investing your time or money.

Nevertheless, MobileXpression may not work for everyone.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like the idea of an app recording all your online activities in the background or getting paid in only gift cards instead of hard cash, MobileXpression is not for you.

Wait!, that doesn’t mean you should drop the idea of making money online. You can still try it out by going for the MobileXpression alternatives.


That concludes our list for apps like MobileXpression that let you earn extra passive income on your phone. While each of these listed apps has a different range of small tasks to complete, combined with diverse payment structures, all of them are reliable and safe to use.

Remember, you can never be too careful when you’re working with money involved online. That’s why always choose a trustworthy, tried, and tested platform over shady and new ones if you’re a beginner.

If you’re a seasoned user and have tried your luck with a variety of platforms, we have a suggestion for you as well. You can diversify your earning strategy by downloading one of each, a mobile research app, a shopping cashback app, and a survey site.

This way, you can increase your chances of earning rather than working for a single website that offers everything.

In the end, any website you feel comfortable with is the best option. Go for it and start earning a passive income while sitting at home right away.

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