12 Best Sites Like Swagbucks – Earn More Money

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Are you already using Swagbucks and impressed with the features and the ability to earn some extra cash? If yes, we are sure you’re looking for more sites like Swagbucks. Fortunately, there are dozens of similar options out there. We have listed the best sites for you in this article.

Go ahead. Do a simple search on Google on how to make more money. Chances are you’ll see a ton of different methods.

One popular method is using the brilliant Swagbucks platform. It provides you not one, not two, but seven different ways of making money online.

Moreover, it’s completely authentic and safe to use.

However, you already know all of that, and it’s beside the point because today we’re not here to talk about Swagbucks.

Today, we’re going to tell you about twelve sites or apps, just like Swagbucks, that’ll help you make quick and easy money on the side.

Similar to Swagbucks, these websites will require you to do very basic tasks. Tasks that won’t take up much of your time, but reward you nicely.

Many of these even have their own smartphone apps, so you can also continue using them on the go to earn even more money.

Our Top Pick

One of our favorite options as an alternative to Swagbucks is InboxDollars. You’ll get a $5 signup bonus for joining.

You can save and make money in a variety of ways, including playing games, searching the web and so much more.



Free $5 Bonus

InboxDollars is one of the most popular ways to make and save money online. You can earn money by shopping, searching the web, watching videos and even playing games. You can cash out your earnings directly with cash or Visa gift card. You’ll get a $5 bonus to join.


Are you as excited as we are to see this full list? Then, let’s get this show started.

12 Alternatives to Swagbucks to Make Money Online

Whether you liked answering the surveys on Swagbucks or were addicted to the games, there’s a similar website for everything and everyone.

Survey Junkie

survey junkie logo

If you’re not really a fan of other tasks but simply enjoy filling surveys, Survey Junkie is the one for you. There aren’t any other tasks to distract you. You can simply make money with surveys.

Moreover, there are all kinds of surveys of varying lengths and on various topics, so that you never get bored.

With over ten million active members, this website is pretty popular because you can quickly rack up a lot of points and earn money.

Every 100 points are equal to a dollar, and once you’ve collected 1000 points, or $10, you can either get the cash through PayPal or go for a gift card.

One thousand points might seem a lot, but it’s relatively easy to reach. For starters, Survey Junkie awards you 25 points for just signing up.

Then, as you create your profile, verify your email address, take a tour of the website, you get even more points. Essentially, you start earning money before you’ve even done anything.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$1 – $50 PayPal & Gift Cards $10 Read Full Review

Survey Junkie also has its own app for Android and iOS users.  Read more about the site in our Survey Junkie review.



InboxDollars logo

The closest you’ll get in search of sites like Swagbucks is using this site: InboxDollars.

It has many of the same features, so if you’re a fan of Swagbucks, you’ll enjoy using this site as well.

The next time you’ve got a long ride on the subway, just open up your laptop or turn on your phone, log on to InboxDollars, and start earning money.

More importantly, there are various methods of doing so.

You can answer different surveys that pay you anywhere from $0.25 to even $4. Some might not even take you a minute while some may take over ten minutes. It’s all up to you.

Besides that, you can read emails and complete other offers. There are lots of games as well that you can play to earn money.

Imagine that. You’d be getting paid for playing games and having fun. Furthermore, if you love to shop, then you can even make money by shopping through Inbox Dollars.

When you do all this, you’re rewarded with money, which you can then withdraw after meeting the minimum limit of $30.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to $5 Cash & Gift Cards $30 Read Full Review

It might seem a lot, but with so many activities and tasks, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get there. You can either get the check for your earnings, or you could choose to get gift cards instead.

What’s more, you can even use the Inbox Dollars app, available on Android and iOS systems. You can read our InboxDollars review if you’d like to learn more about the site.

If you sign up now, you’ll get a free $5 bonus immediately.




On LifePoints, you can make money with surveys and lots of other tasks that will barely take any time. The platform is relatively new but slowly gaining popularity.

It’s easy to join, and you can start earning money in no time at all. Those who prefer surveys, this is one of the best sites like Swagbucks.

There are various interesting surveys to answer. Initially, you’ll have to answer a demographic questionnaire so that you only receive the relevant surveys.

If you do get a particular survey that you don’t qualify for, LifePoints automatically enters you in their quarterly sweepstakes.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$0.6 – $1 Lifepoints pays in PayPal $20 Read Full Review

Other than that, you can earn points for completing your profile and participating in daily challenges.

If you want to get a gift card, you’ll need at least 1080 points, while for cash through PayPal, you’ll need at least 1,200 points. Read more about the site in our Lifepoints review.



Rakuten app

You’re probably tired of all those survey sites, but you still want something authentic and versatile like Swagbucks. Well, we’ve got just the money-making website for you: Rakuten.

Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten is an excellent site for those who love to shop online.

Whether it’s Amazon, Target, eBay, or the more than 2500 other stores, you can shop for whatever you like and get cashback. The site offers up to 40% cashback on your shopping and even helps you save money through discount coupons of up to 72%.

Additionally, it’s not just about retail shopping.

You can even get cashback on airline and holiday bookings. Once you’ve got at least $5 in your account, you can either get a check for it or get the cash through PayPal.

Moreover, if, after every quarter, there remains at least $5.01 in your account, you get further cashback on it.

There are also bonus rewards for being a good friend and referring the site to others. Additionally, when you spend your first $25 on the site, you again get a bonus.

Cashback Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
Up to 40% PayPal or Gift Cards $5 Read Full Review

Rakuten has an app for Android and iOS systems as well. If you want to learn more, check out our full Rakuten review.


Vindale Research

vindale research

One of the best Swagbucks alternatives, Vindale Research, is an excellent way to make money online. It is a pretty simple and straightforward website.

Unlike other sites that reward you in their currency or points first, Vindale Research straight away deposits money into your account.

The minimum limit for cashing out is $50, which is pretty high compared to other sites. However, wait till you see numerous ways you can earn that $50 in absolutely no time.

First off, Vindale Research rewards you with a $1 bonus for just signing up.

Later, if you subscribe to their emails, you further get $2. After all that, you can make even more money by answering surveys on their site. A simple questionnaire can give you at least $0.25, while a more extensive one can pay you up to $50 as well.

Furthermore, you get more cash when you refer friends, watch videos, submit photos, read emails, etc. You can easily withdraw your earnings through a PayPal account. Like what you hear? You can learn more about the site in our Vindale Research review.



Sites like swagbucks - Toluna

Another paid survey site that’ll have you glued to your computer screen, Toluna, is a perfect alternative to Swagbucks.

It has the same, fun, and short surveys that’ll reward you for basically doing nothing.

However, if you like longer, more in-depth surveys, Toluna’s got those as well.

First, the website asks you to fill in profile surveys that help it better understand you as a user and consumer of different brands.

Once it has a profile of you, it will then send you longer surveys according to your demographics, interests, previous answers, etc.

Since these surveys are targeted towards you and not just general surveys, they’re more enjoyable and exciting.

More importantly, you earn points for filling these. The basic profile surveys are worth around 100 points, and as the surveys get longer and more complex, the points increase.

Every 3000 points give you one dollar, and you need to earn $30 at least to get the cash. Otherwise, if you choose to go for a gift card, you can get those with $10 too.

Moreover, you can also earn points by referring friends, playing games, and testing products. Toluna is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store as well.

Read more about the platform in our Toluna review.


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

All of the sites we’ve mentioned up till now have been quite easy to join and use to make money. However, this next site, Pinecone Research, is a little different.

It’s a more exclusive platform, which means it’s a little harder to join.

You have to fill out an extensive questionnaire, and if you are what they’re looking for, you’ll get an invitation to join.

Once you’re in, you’ll be a panelist on the site. They will send you various surveys that will pay around $3 to $5. Moreover, you’ll also receive various products to test, which will earn you around $6.

Since you fill a questionnaire about yourself in the beginning, they only send the relevant surveys to you by email.

One of the great things about Pinecone Research is that they pay you really fast. In most cases, you’ll have your money in your hands within two days.

This will either happen through a PayPal account, a check, or your visa card. Read more in my Pinecone Research review.

Ipsos I-Say


Available in a bunch of different countries, Ipsos is another 100% legit and safe website to earn money through, just like Swagbucks.

It’s a straight-up, simple survey site. All you have to do is answer surveys, earn points, and get your money.

The signing up process is quick and straightforward. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have to answer some initial questions about yourself so that they can send you the appropriate surveys. Even doing all this will earn you some points.

Then, when you actually start taking the surveys, you can get anywhere from 45 to 90 points.

In addition, you’ll get the chance to answer polls and take part in prize draws as well. Invite your friends to join the platform, and you’ll be rewarded with more points.

The minimum cashing out limit is $10, which is equal to around 1,000 points. Ipsos has an app for Android and iOS users.

Like what you hear? Read more in this Ipsos I-Say review.


Prize Rebel

With over nine million members, PrizeRebel is another safe money-making site that you’ll enjoy as much as you did, or would have, using Swagbucks.

There are loads of things to do on the website, so it never gets dull or boring.

You can answer various surveys. PrizeRebel uploads new surveys every day so that you can use it every day for fresh content.

Besides that, you can watch videos, complete daily challenges, participate in contests and lucky draws, and even test other apps. All these easy tasks will earn you tons of points.

Simply put, when you compare features, it’s probably one of the most similar sites like Swagbucks.

The reward system is pretty similar to Swagbucks as well. Every 100 points are equal to a dollar.

To get a gift card, you’ll need at least 200 points, and for direct cash through PayPal, you’ll need at least 500 points for $5.

The minimum limit is quite low as compared to some of the other sites on this list, so you don’t have to wait a lot to get your money.

Read more about the site in this full PrizeRebel review.

Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost logo

When you’re wondering how to make extra money online quickly, Opinion Outpost should be the first thing that comes to your mind. Similar to Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost will give you various chances to earn money through different activities.

It’s pretty easy to join this site, set up your profile, and before you know it, you’re making money online. You’ll have all kinds of surveys sent to you, or you can even find the ones you like yourself.

Usually, a survey will give you somewhere between five to fifty points, depending on its length.

Every ten points are equal to a dollar. Once you’ve collected 100 points or $10, you can get the cash through your PayPal account.

Additionally, you can also get Amazon or iTunes gift cards if you’ve only got 50 points. If you’re in a giving mood, there’s even an option to donate to the American Red Cross.

What’s more, the site lets you test products for free, and you also get the chance to win $10,000 in sweepstakes.



MyPoints Logo

Owned by the same parent company as Swagbucks, MyPoints is one of the most similar sites to Swagbucks. There are definitely very low chances that you’ll get bored using this site because there are so many ways to make money.

Besides the usual surveys, you can shop online and avail of different deals.

You can read and respond to emails, watch various videos, play games, and even print coupons to save money.

Additionally, referring a friend and using MyPoints’ search engine to search the web can also get you lots of points.

What can you do with all these points? One dollar is equal to 140 points on this site.

For a gift card, you need at least $5, and if you want to get the cash through PayPal, you’ll need to collect at least $25 or 3,500 points.

Earn Per Activity Payment Method Min To
Cash Out
Next Steps
$2.5 PayPal or Gift Cards $3 Read Full Review

Best of all, you can even redeem these points to get airline miles. Despite belonging to the same parent company, you won’t find all of these rewards on Swagbucks, so it’s worth a try.

Lastly, MyPoints has an app for Android and iOS users.


Survey Voices

Survey Voices logo

If you don’t want to stick to just one survey site but find using lots of them a hassle, Survey Voices can provide you with a solution. The website doesn’t have any of its own surveys, nor does it reward you any money on its own.

Instead, the site recommends and connects you with other authentic survey sites to make money online.

All you have to do to join the site is create your profile, answer a few questions, and you’re all set to go. Survey Voices will show you the best survey sites like Swagbucks to answer surveys on and take you there.

You can then fill surveys and earn money on those sites. Want to learn more? Check out our Survey Voices review for more information about the site.

Conclusion: Sites Like Swagbucks

Whether you’ve used Swagbucks in the past or are currently using it, there’s no doubt that it’s a great platform to help supplement your income.

However, using the same website can get boring at times, and it’s always good to explore other avenues.

Consequently, using this list, you can find the best sites like Swagbucks out there that will pay you nicely for doing simple tasks.

What do you think are the best sites like Swagbucks?

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