11 Ways to Make Money at School

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If you are looking for some extra income, you can use these ways to make money at school no matter if you are in middle school, high school or college.

11 Ways to Make Money at School

Want To Earn Easy Money?

Being in school doesn’t mean you don’t need money. As a student, you might have some assignments to be completed that require funds.

Besides this, building connections with other students, gaining professional skills, and going on cultural trips – all cost money. There are plenty of ways for kids to make money outside of the classroom or school, but if you have free time at school. Why not make a couple of extra bucks?

If you’re a student looking for some practical ways to make money at school, read this guide all the way through.

It will help you think of new and exciting ways to make money online or side hustle.  

List of Best Ways to Make Money While at School

Here are some of the top ways to make money while you are at school.

Get Paid to Take Surveys

Most probably, it is one of the easiest ways to make money at school – you just need to register to a survey company (which is often free) and earn points by completing its surveys. 

You may earn between $2 to $75 per completed survey, depending on the type of survey you’re taking. 

The good thing about the survey is, you don’t need any prior training and investment. Moreover, you can take them at your convenience. For instance, while sitting at your school library. If you have extra time at the library, you can consider a variety of online jobs. With surveys, you can earn quick, easy cash in a short period of time. 

Some of the popular surveys you can take include:

  • InboxDollars: InboxDollars is one of the top-rated ways to make money online through surveys and referring people. You will get a $5 bonus simply by signing up.
  • Survey Junkie: This is a renowned survey company getting great reviews! Survey Junkie has a minimum payout threshold. You can cash in for $10 once you reach 1,000 points.
  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks is more than a survey site! The company lets you earn for searching the web, watching videos, and playing games. They will give you a $5 bonus simply by signing up. 
  • Opinion Outpost: The company gives point rewards for every completed survey. You’re allowed to cash your points for sweepstakes or cash. The site is pretty similar to Swagbucks

Note: To join these surveys, you must be 18 +. It is advisable to read the guidelines before signing up for the surveys.

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Make Money Playing Video Games

Now and again, we hear about making money by playing video games. But can you really make money playing a game? Yes, it is possible, numerous online games let you earn rewards for playing new games.

MistPlay is a well-known Android-based gaming application that allows you to earn rewards just for playing video games. So, whenever you think you have free time at school, you can play this game and make money at school.

You can sigh in Mistplay using your Facebook or Gmail account. After the registration process, you can look for the available games and choose the one that suits your interests. 

Depending on the type of game you play, you get points that you can cash anytime. 

The value of points is decided by the amount of time you play a game. Approximately, for 1000 points, you will get around $3.2. The company is also running a referral program that gives you 50 points for every person to use your unique affiliate code.

MistPlay lets you redeem your points for various rewards such as Steam Credits and Virtual Visa Cards.

You can read more bout it in our MistPlay review

Sell Your Own Stuff

It is another good way to make money at school. Go through your stuff to find things you don’t require any more. It can be your toys, clothes, books, or any other random objects. If you have read books or clothes that you don’t wear, you can sell them as well. 

Check out if your juniors need your textbooks. After moving from one class to another all your book becomes useless. You can sell them to your juniors at a discount.

Do not sell things you’re still attached to or know someone in your family is connected to, as you might regret it later. These are some of the easiest things to flip for a profit

Create DIY Crafts and Sell

If you’re creative enough, you can make DIY products using papers and other fancy stuff and sell to your fellow students. There are plenty of ways you can advertise your products. 

For instance, you can leverage your social media account and WhatsApp group to show your products to students and sell them directly at school. You can also take the help of YouTube to learn different papercrafts. 

Another thing that you can do to make money at school is, you can create papercrafts trending right now.

For instance, during the Christmas season, you can make Christmas trees out of paper.

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Cleaning Duties at Your Own School

If you’re willing to do this job and if your school permits, cleaning duties can help you make money fast at school.

Dusting, Vacuuming, and sweeping are a few tasks that you can carry out before or after your classes.


Are you doing well in school? Do you love teaching others? If yes, why not put your skills to good use. After completing a class, not just you get a grade, but you also obtain skills that you can teach to others. 

Even if you’re good at a particular subject, you can teach that subject to your juniors after your class. Your school library is an ideal place where you can do tutoring.

It is an excellent opportunity to both help others and improves your teaching skills while making good money on the side.

To find the interested students, you can stick a notice on your school’s notice board or take the help of Social Media platforms.

Sell Candy During School

Ringpop Assortment

Wondering how to make money at school selling candy? Well, If you’re really interested in selling candy at your school, you can make some good cash. 

Moreover, selling candy is comparatively easy. After all, kids love sweets. However, first, you must find out whether or not school authorities allow you to sell candy. In case, if you’re into a school that focuses on healthy eating, you can look for gluten-free candies.

Also, do some research. For example, get to know what kind of candy do students like at your school? Does anybody else sell candy? Go to the nearby stores and do some bargaining. Look for the bulk pack as buying in bulk is cheaper than buying loose candies. 

Make sure you’re selling candies at a reasonable price and still making a profit.

You may also buy candies online. Some good options include:

  1. Organic Chewy Gluten-Free Candies: These are USDA certified candies made with your health in mind. These are vegan and completely Gluten-free, Non-GMO.
  2. Ring Pop Candies: These eye-catching candies taste as good as they look to come with a wearable lollipop ring. The candies are available in 5 fruity flavors, including strawberry, berry blast, watermelon, cherries, Blue Raspberry.

You may sell these candies quickly on your school bus, cafeteria, or even during the classes.

Sell Stress Balls

Stress Ball Assortment

Stress and anxiety are a big part of school life. You may make some good money if you can help students calm their state of mind. For that, you can sell stress balls at your school.

Stress balls lower the level of stress and tension and improve the quality of life by promoting better sleep habits. 

When you repeatedly squeeze a stress ball, it activates the muscles of your wrist and hand, which helps to mitigate stress and tension.

You may buy stress balls online in bulk and sell them loose. You may consider the following options.

Impress Stress Relief ball (3-Pack)

Free of any harmful additives, these stress relief balls are made with premium quality thermoplastic. These balls instantly return to their original shape and designed to promote a sense of calmness and reduce high anxiety levels.

Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball

These stress balls come with motivational sayings. On each ball, you will see a different positive quote – you can give your classmates options to choose the ball with inspirational sayings they want.

Ask your school if they allow you can sell these balls not only to fellow students but also to teachers and other school staff.

Sell School Supplies

Assortment of Pens

School supplies are another best stuff to sell at school and earn some money on the side. Pen, pencil, highlighters, marketers, book covers, and erasers are a few things that students often need.

Buy school supplies in bulk and sell them loose to increase your profit margin.

SyPen 2 -in-1 Touch Screen (Ballpoint Pen)

These stylish pens have an interchangeable tip – you can use it on paper, phones, and tablets. Featuring sophisticated design, these pens are available in different color variants.

Crafted with lightweight material, these pens also have a rubber grip that provides comfort. Students are surely going to love using these multi-purpose pens. To maximize your profit, get a pack of 36 pens.

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Elementary School Essentials

If your school also has primary students (kindergarten through 12th grade), get this stuff to sell at school. This bundle of elementary school essentials includes:

  • 2 paper folders
  • 1 liquid glue
  • 4 wide rule spirals
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 scissor
  • 1 pack of Crayola markers
  • 1 pack of Crayola crayons
  • I pencil box ( contains 1 pencil)

Sell Sodas or Drinks

GoGirl Energy Drink

Energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. And most students enjoy energy drinks. Selling them, you can make plenty of money.

If you think your school will go off on you for selling a carbonated beverage, you can look for some healthier option. 

Check out the following options.

Go Girl Sugar-Free Energy Drink

Go Girl is a healthier option when it comes to energy drinks. The drink comes with zero sugar and 100 mg of caffeine that gives a nice energy boost that lasts throughout the day.

Low in calories and carbs, Go Girl drink can be a good substitute for coffee and unhealthy beverages.

You can also promote this drink as “Drink for the cause” because the company donates a portion of its profit to support breast & ovarian cancer research and awareness.

Celsius Sparkling Orange Fitness Drink

Celsius Sparkling Orange Drink is a pre-workout drink that can be sold to students who are into sports and other physical activities.

The drink includes 200 mg of caffeine and zero sugar. Unlike most unhealthy drinks, Celsius does not contain any artificial flavors or colors.     

V8+ Energy, Healthy Energy Drink

V8+ Energy Healthy Energy Drink is another healthy energy drink option that you can quickly sell at your school. Made with no added sugar and no artificial colors, the drink combines a serving of veggies, fruits, carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes.

The drink has the same amount of caffeine as the leading energy drink.

Consider these part-time jobs to help you make money outside of school.


Dual Power Calculator

A calculator is an excellent tool for students to make quick and accurate mathematical calculations. It helps students better understand intangible concepts through tangible means. 

Nowadays, fancy calculators are becoming popular among students. You can retail them at a reasonable price. 

Look for a bulk pack that contains at least five calculators.

Emraw 8- Digit Dual Power

This dual power pocket-size calculator runs on both battery and solar power. Featuring Scientific ergonomic design buttons, the calculator is quite comfortable to use.

Unlike ordinary calculators, it has automatic tax keys, percent key, square root key, backspace key. The calculator is perfect for teachers, professors, and elementary school students.

Solar Powered Calculators

Ideal for primary students, these calculators are great for independent math practice.

These multi-function calculators come with features like auto shut-off, 8-digit display, and 3-key memory.

Clara Home Office School Calculator

This eye-pleasing calculator from Clara is made of high-quality Abs plastic. It comes with a detachable string making it easy to hang on the neck. It features an extra-large LCD so students can easily read numbers.

Since the calculator adopts a big button design, it is comfortable to use. It is available in different color variants, which means you can give your buyers an adequate option to choose from.

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Higher studies are expensive. Therefore, you must plan for it in advance and look for ways to make money while studying in school.

Unfortunately, with extended school hours and extracurricular activities, it is not easy to earn money as a student.

Moreover, working a full-time job is not always possible for students. So, here are some other weekend jobs and part-time jobs to consider. 

In this post, we revealed some easy ways to make money as a student without compromising on your school schedule.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make money at school. If you have more suggestions, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, we will be happy to read them.

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