11 Best Jobs with Tips: Earn Cash at Your Job

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Do you know some jobs out there can pay you more much in tips than your expectations? Here is the list of some of the best jobs with tips that can earn you more money than your usual jobs in the form of tips.

Who says you can only earn good money working white-collar jobs?

Believe it or not, modest jobs, like waiting on people and delivering restaurant orders, can get you a substantial monthly income. 

That’s because, with these jobs, you will not only earn your salary and commission, but you’ll also receive generous tips from your customers as well. 

You see, such jobs let you interact directly with your customers. This enables you to display your expertise in the service and showcase your people skills as well.

If you’re good at that and manage to impress your clients, you can easily create an extra income stream for yourself by doing jobs with tips. 

11 Best Jobs With Tips

Without further ado, here’s a list of best jobs with tips, so you can decide whether they are worth your time or not. 

Food and Grocery Delivery

The first job that comes to mind when we think of jobs with good tips is becoming a delivery worker

It’s not that difficult to get started. You can sign-up for popular sites like Postmates, Grubhub, and DoorDash to deliver food orders from restaurants to their customers. 



$10-$14 per hour

DoorDash is one of the best ways to make money delivery food. DoorDashers earn approximately $10 to $14 per hour and get to keep 100% of your tips. In some cities, you can earn on your bike or by walking. There are no dress codes required to be a DoorDasher.


Similarly, sites like Shipt and Instacart let you shop for their clients and deliver their groceries on their doorstep. Every platform has a different hourly pay rate, but you can make about $10-$15 per hour on average. 

While on the job, try to take care of your customers’ preferences and make sure their interaction with you goes as smoothly as possible.

This way, you can surely collect about $20-$50 tips every week. 

Driving Cabs

Driving people around is one of the best tipping jobs for you if you have a valid license and an insured vehicle. In urban areas full of traffic and chaos, people rarely find a composed and courteous driver.

If you think you have what it takes, you can earn some extra income monthly in tips. 

Besides that, drivers get exposure to tourists and foreign clients who need their help and don’t really know the area’s tipping rates. This means they can land handsome tips if they know where to pick customers from. 

You can join online cab services like Uber and Lyft to become a professional driver and create a steady income stream for yourself.

What’s more, the job is quite flexible. You can set your own working hours and location, without giving up your full-time job. 

Pet Sitting

For people with pets, their furry friends are just like family. And if you’re good with pets and animals, then pet sitting is an easy way for you to earn money with tips. Dog walkers and caregivers can make anywhere from $50-$100 per week. 

Rover Logo

You can find pet sitting jobs in your location using apps like Rover. All you have to do is become a member. 

The site will alert you when there’s a job available around you. Furthermore, you can gain some regular clients if you provide high-quality customer service and earn good tips. 

You can also choose to work at any time you like. This means you can sync dog walking with your morning or evening walk so you won’t have to contribute any extra time for the job. 


Nothing can be compared to the parental anxiety that comes with working while your child is at home. Such parents will highly appreciate childcare providers who are reliable and good at what they do. 

care.com logo

You can find babysitting and caregiving jobs at care.com on a full-time and part-time basis. You can either work as a babysitter for infants and toddlers or as a tutor or housekeeper for older children and teens

To earn good money as tips from this job, you’ll need to present yourself as a fun and lovable person to the little ones.

No parents would deny you a token of appreciation if they see their kids were pampered and loved under your care. 

Taking Up Cleaning or Handyman Jobs

Nowadays, most people with full-time jobs lead astonishingly busy lives. That’s why, sometimes simple chores like mowing the lawn or cleaning the garage might seem like a small task to us, but for them, it’s something they cannot get done without help. 

People who’re good at doing stuff around the house, such as home improvement, furniture assembly, cleaning, or plumbing, can easily become handymen and earn excellent tips from their clients. 

These small jobs with tips are great options for people looking for part-time jobs to make some extra cash. 

You can become a member on platforms like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack to find work in your location whenever you’re free.

While the hourly rate depends on the job’s nature, you can easily earn $10-$20 in tips if you provide good customer service. 

Check out these other options:

Landing Gigs on Fiverr

If you’re a professional freelancer, you can find jobs with amazing tips on Fiverr. It’s mainly a freelancing platform that connects talented individuals to their potential clients. 

As a seller, all you have to do is put up a gig advertising your work and displaying your charges. If a buyer likes your gig, he will hire you for the job. 

However, here’s where Fiverr is different from other freelance platforms.

The gigs you land on Fiverr can get you good tips just like other jobs with tips.

They provide buyers with an option to pay you a little extra if they liked your work and enjoyed your customer service. 

So, if you don’t want to do modest jobs or serving jobs with good tips, you can work here according to your profession.

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Becoming a Waiter or Waitress

Let’s face it, waiting on people at restaurants is one of the jobs with the most tips. The best part is, anyone can do it, and the industry never gets saturated. You can walk into a restaurant today and get a job as a waiter or waitress. 


Nevertheless, there are some soft skills every waiter should have to bag tips from his customers. These skills include effective communication, professionalism, knowledge of the cuisine and dishes served, and patience. 

If you think you can put up with picky customers with a smile on your face, then this is the best job with tips for you. In fact, you rarely won’t get a tip while working as a waiter. 

That’s because tipping waiters has become somewhat customary practice in most cultures. Also, you can take this up as a part-time or full-time job, according to your schedule. 

To increase your income, try to bag jobs at high-end restaurants; these not only offer good salaries, but their customers leave handsome tips for their servers as well. 

Creating Tattoo Art

A rite of passage, a symbol of belief, or a permanent embellishment for the human body, a tattoo serves many purposes for people who get them.

That’s why, if you do your job right as a tattoo artist, you can create a good income for yourself with your commission and tips combined. 

Unlike other jobs with tips, becoming a tattoo artist has a high pay scale of about $60-$100 per hour on average. That’s because it requires more skills and training compared to other jobs with tips. 

However, if the prospect seems attractive to you, you can start by signing-up for training under professional tattoo artists. You can begin practicing independently after proper training.

Remember, it’s a permanent mark on the human body you’re dealing with.

So, while exceptional work can get you good tips from clients, mishaps can even be career-enders for you. 

Working as a Sommelier

A sommelier is an individual with extraordinary knowledge of wines and their pairings with different cuisines and dishes. 

To become a sommelier, you’ll have to go through a rigorous process of training and learning. However, it is one of the highest-paying jobs with tips to earn more than $50 per hour plus tips. 

You see, sommeliers are only employed at high-end restaurants, hotels, and wineries. So, you can expect a handsome salary if you’re up for the job. 

Similarly, you’ll be dealing with posh clientele who’s ready to spend some bucks in exchange for flawless and memorable service.

If you can provide that, this is the ultimate job for you. 

Becoming a Golf Caddie

Golf is a sport that’s usually associated with the elite. But, amidst the high-end golf clubs, there are highly-paid workers that we mostly overlook. Yes, golf caddies get paid as much as $100 per session and get handsome tips from their clients. 

What makes it different from other high-paying jobs with tips is that anyone can become a golf caddie.

It requires next to no skills or extra knowledge; all you have to do is carry the heavy golfing irons and remain silent while the game is in progress. 

Although it might help if you’re learned in golf. A caddie who provides valuable advice during the game can earn considerably well in tips.

Many golf courses have specified tipping schemes, so caddies rarely go off without their clients’ tips. 

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Becoming a Bartender or Barmaid

If you’re looking for high-paying part-time jobs, you should check out barista jobs with tips. Bartenders and barmaids get amazing tips on top of their usual salary.

Think about it. In the case of other jobs with tips, you’re only dealing with one client or a group of customers at a time. 

But, as a bartender, you’ll be serving up a whole bar of clients who’ll probably tip you for each drink they buy. That’s because typical drinking culture encourages patrons to tip at least 10% of each drink’s price to the bartenders. 

So, even if you don’t work at an affluent bar, you can easily earn $50-$100 every day.

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Final Words

That concludes our list of the best jobs with tips. No one can deny the happiness that comes with getting free money. Even if you already have a full-time job, you can maximize your monthly earnings by taking up these jobs on a part-time basis. 

Most of these jobs come with flexible schedules, which you can easily adjust to your daily routine. If you’re looking to save up for a new car, or your own home, you can take up jobs with lots of tips to save up for your purpose. 

The best part is, you don’t need any formal training for most of the jobs with tips listed above. One thing that’s common with all the options listed is good customer service and exceptional interpersonal skills. 

Just make sure every client you work with has a smile on their face when you’re done with your job. This way, you can earn easy tips every time you professionally interact with a customer. 

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