10 Ways to Write and Get Paid Instantly

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Wondering what gig can give you quick cash to sort your fix? Worry no more. There are numerous ways you can write and get paid instantly. Let me show you how.

Are you struggling to pay your bills and looking for something for some gig that can earn you money? Well, I have just the right answer for you.

Whether you want a full-time gig, or you are just looking to make some extra bucks, these jobs have you sorted.

Here, I have some amazing websites where you can write and get paid instantly.

If you know, you can write something interesting that can get readers wanting to read more, then writing websites are what you need.

They form an excellent platform for you to earn money online.

I think freelance writing or service based side hustles are a great way to make money and invest faster.

I use Personal Capital to track all my personal cash flow and income. It’s completely free to use and is a great way to better your personal financial position.

Also, you don’t have to be an expert to write on some of these platforms, all you need is fluent English, a computer and time to start and grow in this industry.

Therefore, without taking much more of your time, let’s dive directly to these amazing content writing platforms.

Websites That You Can Write and Get Paid Instantly

Here are several ways that you can write and get paid.

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of our favorite freelance websites. They offer some of the best jobs from real companies along with the highest volume of opportunities. 

You’ll have to land a client first before you get paid to write. However, once you land a few clients you’ll be well on your way to a freelance writing career



Top Freelance Gigs

FlexJobs is one of the most well-known freelance platforms out there. It’s the ultimate platform to find work from home or remote jobs for any skill set, including transription, data entry, virtual assistant, programming and so much more.


Once you sign up, you can start bidding on writing jobs to earn money right away. It’s as easy as it gets when it comes to earning money from writing.

2. SpyreStudios

If you know you have that talent and love writing, then SpyreStudios might be just that platform you need.

The website looks more specifically for brilliant designers and individuals who love blogging and writing.

If you fit any of these descriptions, don’t waste time, join SpyreStudios and start making money by being a contributor.

SpyreStudios is a popular design website that focuses on typography, inspiration, design trends, jQuery, CSS, WordPress, HTML, minimalism, as well as blogging.

The site currently pays around $50 for every approved post, and for excellent quality tutorials, you can get up to $160.

SpyreStudios is a great platform, especially for those who have blogs. With more than 15,000 RSS readers, the site gives a blogger good exposure as it allows you to backlink your article to your blog.

This can indeed increase traffic to your blog and earn you more money.

Therefore, if you are a skilled designer, a blogger, or a writer with immense knowledge in design, take that step and join SpyreStudios.

3. Wow Women on Writing

Another excellent website that you can write for and get paid instantly is the Wow Women on Writing. The platform mainly focuses on empowering female writers, as well as to provide opportunities to potential freelancers.

Their main target is to offer exceptional content for women, although they also have a diverse audience.

In terms of the content, the Wow Women website focus on freelancing, innovative business, and training. The website is designed to enable writers to enhance their skills, as well as showcase their talents.

When it comes to payments, you can opt to get paid either through PayPal or by a check if in the US.

Here, writers earn up to $150 for an approved 3,000-word article. However, you have to ensure that your posts are unique and creative. Also, the post must be useful for the readers.

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4. Upwork

Upwork is yet another excellent platform that provides writers with an avenue to make money online through writing.

And, although their pay is usually ready for withdrawal after five days, if you are consistent and submit work daily, you will eventually have money for withdrawal each day.

Upwork is undoubtfully one of the largest writing platforms for freelancers.

Whether you are an expert writer or just a trainee, this platform has jobs for everyone, as long as you can write something meaningful. They post thousands of job posts every day, ranging from copywriting, article writing, to web content, among many others.

For beginners, you will have to part with 20% of the total amount paid per article as the commission. However, as you progress and hit $500 with the same client, 20% decreases to 10%.

If you continue with the same client and hit $10,000, the percentage goes all the way down to 5%.

This means that the more you retain a client, the more you earn from them. The procedure is meant to encourage long term working relations with clients.

As for the cost per article, it all depends on the client, and you can always apply for the job that best suits you.

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5. Onespace

Onespace is one of those platforms that work to offer an on-demand workforce for its extensive client base. When you visit their website, you find various job offers for every niche of work.

With this platform, there is work for anyone, as long as you know how to write great pieces.

Jobs range from data entry jobs, research and writing jobs, as well as multiple other small jobs. For those with less experience, this is one of the best platforms to start with as they perfect your skills.

If you write interesting articles that are well researched, the platform’s proficiency leveling program will reward you.

With its four levels of proficiency, from beginner, intermediate level, advanced and expert level, the more you level up, the more you earn.

The good thing with this platform is that there are no limitations to how much you can work.

Also, as long as the clients like your work, you can have work the whole day.

As for the payment terms, you receive your money between 24 and 48 hours after the client approves your work.

Unlike most freelance platforms, here you don’t need to request payment. You will receive the payments automatically.

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6. Contently

Unlike Onespace, Contently is a platform that links freelance writers with large corporate clients. Therefore, for you to be able to work on this website, you must be outstanding.

The platform is ideal for writers with at least a few years of writing experience to show.

One thing that many people consider a drawback with Contently is that you don’t search for clients yourself.

The platform uses its own algorithm to suggest you to a client after you fill your portfolio. If the client accepts the suggestion, you are given an assignment in which you are paid immediately after you submit the first draft.

However, there are still numerous long assignments that can go even for a month, as well as hourly ones that are paid weekly. The important thing is that most payments depend on your agreement with the client.

In terms of payment rates, this platform offers incredible rates with most tasks costing between $0.75 to $2 per word. The standard flat rate is between $200 to $500. Another good thing about the platform is that you get paid as soon as your work is approved.

Immediately you accept the job, the agreed payment is put in escrow. After approval, you can then withdraw your money to PayPal.

This means that it all depends on your speed. If you submit tasks fasts and are approved, you can receive your money in a matter of hours.

Therefore, if you are a skilled writer were looking for websites that pay you to write, then Contently is the place for you.

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7. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is a website that is designed to undertake surveys and research for its clients. If you want to earn through writing, this is another platform that pays you just for that.

The platform will pay you money as well as other rewards, for sharing your opinions.

The good thing about PaidViewPoint is that you don’t have to be an expert to get paid. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, all you need is, to be honest. The platform has a system that will track your responses and ranks you.

Using TraitScore, their response tracking system, they can track responses from different writers. Every answer you provide goes through the TraitScore, and therefore, you need to be consistent in every survey.

And, although they don’t require your real names, they advocate for genuine opinions.

In addition, the platform notifies you every time there is a new survey you can take. Therefore, you don’t need to keep checking after every few minutes.

And, although this can not earn you as much money as other platforms like Upwork and the rest, it’s still a good source for extra cash.

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8. PeoplePerHour

Just like many other online writing websites, PeoplePerHour offers a platform where writers can link with clients who need writing services.

One advantage of this platform is that unlike other websites, it does not deduct anything directly from the freelancer after payment.

However, they transfer the expense to the client who in most cases, will factor that when considering what to pay you.

Additionally, PeoplePerHour platform has exceptionally high client traffic, which translates to numerous gigs that writers can work on. If you have worked in sites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour works in much the same ways as Upwork.

Once you submit your task, you are then to raise an invoice to request payment. The invoice is passed to the client for review which, when approved, the client releases your funds.

After payment, the invoice goes through an automated security check which in most cases can take several minutes or a few hours.

However, if it requires extra security checks, the payment may need to take more days, which can be up to three days. Once payment is made, you can withdraw your cash either to your PayPal or bank account.

Want to get paid to write? Try the PeoplePerHour platform and enjoy making money online.

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9. Legitwritingjobs.com

When looking for websites that pay you to write, you cannot complete this list without talking about Legitwritingjobs.com. This platform is one of the best platforms through which you can write and get paid instantly.

Also, in the Legit Writing Jobs platform, you don’t need any experience or any degree, all you need is proper grammar and the zeal to write.

In fact, you have a window of around 60 days to test the waters before you can fully commit to writing. The best thing with Legit Writing Jobs, which is common with several online platforms is that you can work from anywhere.

For example, even from the comfort of your cozy chair, a coffee shop, or your office, any place is convenient.

Just as the name suggests, Legitwritingjobs.com offers a job place that pays you instantly when you write for them.

So, if you have some extra hours you can spare, or you need a fulltime gig, legit writing jobs have you sorted.

In addition, this website offers a convenient way for you to find writing jobs and make money.

As for the payment rates, the platform pays an average of $12.79/hour if you are a writer or an editor to $35.00/hour if you are a journalist.

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10. Write for Cracked.com

Away from all the serious stuff.

With Cracked.com, you get paid to be funny. Basically, this site is a humor platform that pays for smart, funny, and creative articles. The platform offers a great source of extra cash through writing.

With no experience necessary, all you need is to be careful to write functional pieces that readers will love. It gives you a chance to engage directly with editors, and you can choose to write articles ranging from infographics, photoshops, and videos.

To join, register on the website, then choose the writers’ workshop. From there the page redirects you to a message board where you can pitch your article.

For the payment, you get $100 per article when starting. After you publish five articles or more, the price goes up to $200 for every article you submit.

Better still, if your article emerges among the top ten articles of the month, you receive an extra bonus of $100

In addition, you receive a bonus of $100 if you win the Photoshop competitions and emerge first.

Therefore, if you want to make some extra bucks, join Cracked.com, and start that journey to earn online.

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Conclusion on Ways to Write and Get Paid Instantly

Article writing for money is one of the first growing trends and that have employed thousands of talents. If at all you have good grammar, and you are creative, writing is something that can give you good money.

Use Personal Capital to track your cash flow from your writing gigs. It’s completely free to use and is a great way to better your personal financial position.

I hope this article provides you with all the information you require to help you write and get paid instantly.

If this post is helpful to you, or you have some insights, please feel free to share them in our comments section.

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