10 Types of Freelance Jobs to Know About

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Is 9 to 5 job not your thing? You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people are now switching to freelancing. Here are 10 types of freelancer jobs that are popular today.

It’s 2021, and with the reign of technology and the internet, the freelance industry is booming at an ever-increasing speed. 

Just in the US, there were over 53 million freelancers as of 2018. That number is expected to grow to a whopping 90.1 million by 2028. 

While it started with entry-level freelancers looking for gigs to make extra money, now even the most seasoned professionals are joining the industry. There’s a high demand for highly-skilled professionals for various types of freelance jobs. 

This post specifically focuses on professionals and the kind of freelancing jobs out there for them. 

Why Freelance as a Professional?

Let’s be honest; freelancing has both pros and cons, especially for a professional with distinctive skills. 

Where freelancing gives you the flexibility to design your own schedule and work from the comfort of your home, it has certain disadvantages as well. 

You may not get the perks that you normally would when working for a big corporation. This may include health insurance, travel benefits, gas miles, etc. 

Why Freelance as a Professional

However, you would also have to deal with stringent corporate culture and deal with office politics. Whereas as a freelancer, you can work independently with a variety of companies and work on different projects that allow you to learn more. 

In terms of money, as a seasoned professional, you can earn just as much with freelancing, perhaps even more, as you would with a regular office job. It all comes down to your skills and experience and how you present them to prospective clients. 

Freelancing covers a wide variety of jobs that we will be discussing in detail in a moment. Each job may have different requirements but the key strategy to outshine is to present yourself like you’re the only one. That way, you can easily make six figures a year. 

Aside from money, the best part about freelancing is freedom. A self-employed person can set their work hours according to their feasibility, be it six in the morning or three at night.

A freelancer does all the work that a regular employee would do. The difference is that they can work from their houses’ comfort, cutting all that hassle that a regular employee has to deal with. 

If this wasn’t enough, a freelancer could work as much as he wants, maximizing productivity. Therefore, there are no boundaries to a freelancer’s earning.

How Much Can a Professional Earn From Freelancing Jobs?

A freelancer’s salary is variable. The more you work, the more you will earn.

The aforementioned proposal is appealing because many employers take extra work from their employees without paying them extra.

With freelancing, the sky is your limit when it comes to the salary. Established freelancers earn over $100,000 per annum with ease. 

If you have any of the top high-income skills, you can make quite a lot of money. Many companies are willing to pay top dollar for highly skilled professionals with years of experience.

They also value people who are well-versed in technology, so freelancing has a lot of opportunities for seasoned professionals from the tech sector. 

What Are The Types of Freelance Jobs for Seasoned Professionals?

Before starting on the list, you must ensure that you have two things. Yes! You only need two things to begin your journey as a freelancer—namely, a laptop and a stable internet connection. And in 2021, it is implausible that someone is void of any of the two.

Making money online has never been this easy. Regardless, without wasting another moment, let us learn about the top ten types of freelancing jobs for experienced professionals.

The following ten jobs are currently in demand, and if you invest yourself in learning any of those skills, it will pay you back big time.

1. Video Production

Content comes in all shapes and sizes. But there isn’t something as comprehensive and persuasive as a video. Therefore, multinational companies and high-end brands use video production to shoulder their marketing campaigns.

Video Production


With that said, the demand and importance of a videographer need no second opinion.

The span of video production is quite broad. A videographer can work on a specific niche as well.

For example, investigative documentaries. Some of the most prevalent classes of video production are:

  • Commercials

Perhaps the most effective type of marketing is infomercials. People are more likely to be to buy a product when they see it in a video. 

Hence, all established brands use a videographer’s services to formulate a commercial that converts prospects into clients. 

With most of the social media content becoming video-based, video ads have become even more popular. Therefore, a skilled videographer with an extensive portfolio of videomaking can find many freelance opportunities at very high rates. 

  • Tutorials

One can learn way more by watching a video than reading a text on the same topic. Therefore, as the world gets more and more computerized, online video-based tutorials’ demand will break through the roof. 

Many teaching institutes are switching to this format of teaching. Hence the opportunities for freelancers in this class will keep on increasing.

  • Documentaries

People are twelve times more likely to watch a video than to read a piece of script. The average man himself can experience the fact that he is inclined to watch a movie more than reading a book on a similar subject. 

The sole reason behind this is that documentaries are made exciting, and they utilize more of our human senses, which captures more of our attention.

Video production is one of the best types of freelance jobs, but we should note that it is for seasoned professionals. It requires proper equipment, and one must have an up-to-date portfolio before he can land a successful client. 

Udemy logo

However, one can get into this class of videomaking by making small investments and learning the skills. Udemy is a good place to start if you want to learn documentary-making.

2. Graphic Designing

If we say graphic designing is the most diverse class of freelance jobs, it wouldn’t be wrong. This job requires a certain level of creativity and innovation. 

Graphic Designing

A graphic designer’s demand keeps on increasing as they gain experience. Here are the three most sought-after types of graphic designing jobs for experienced graphic designers:

  • Logo Design

With startups beginning left, right, and center, there’s always a high demand for logo designers. While logos can even be designed by software, many companies value customized and personalized logos.

Logos are a crucial highlight that helps pull the prospective customers towards the brand, so businesses know how critical a decent logo. 

Hence, they pay a handsome amount to logo designers. This job has enormous potential. Even though the marketplace is a little saturated with logo designers, your creativity is all you need to stand out from the crowd.

  • Merchandise Design

Merchandise counts for a significant proportion of many companies in the entertainment industry. But it’s not unique to the entertainment business, any big or small business needs merchandise to promote its brand identity.

Items like customized mugs, T-shirts, sporting goods, and covers require a unique design to help the brand make sales. This is where a graphic designer comes in. There is huge upside potential in this job for innovative freelancing experts.

  • Designing E-commerce Stores and WebPages

The bright, eye-catching images and infographics you see when you open a website are all works of a graphic designer. Images have their gravitational pull when it comes to attracting buyers into a purchase. 

This kind of web designing requires an innovative and expert designer. Therefore for professionals, website graphics possess a substantial potential job opportunity.

CodeAcademy Logo

Although this type requires some expertise, you can learn it in a short timeframe. Suppose you are an aspiring graphic designer who wants to learn the skill at a reasonable rate, head over to CodeAcademy, and get your money’s worth. 

Apart from this, always remember that a client will look for your portfolio before hiring you.

Therefore, it is wise to invest yourself in creating that portfolio.

Designing is fun, so you can create logos and mockups just for your practice and then add them to your portfolio. You get your way and create a strong portfolio at the same time. Win-win, right?

3. Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been the key to any business’ success. And in 2021, when the entire world is operating on the internet, we cannot stress digital marketing’s significance enough. 

Digital Marketing

No company can make a mark online without adequate digital marketing, no matter how good their products are.

A freelance marketing job covers several aspects like running commercials over various social media platforms or optimizing a website’s entire marketing campaign. 

The community of freelance marketing professionals is home to some expert strategists and consultants.

The million-dollar question: What does it take to land a digital marketing job? There are limitless skills that you can learn and begin your career as a digital marketing professional. Some of them are:

  • SEO
  • Online User Experience
  • Data Analytics
  • Target Reach
  • Using effective high-end tools

Where can I learn all fundamentals of digital marketing? Head over to Udemy’s Digital Marketing Course and take full advantage of the lectures they are offering.

If this wasn’t enough, you could also begin a freelancing job as a digital marketer if you have a reach on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Furthermore, the field of digital marketing offers many jobs. Therefore there is sufficient work for everyone. 

Besides, this particular type of freelancing job will get more and more prevalent as we head into the future. Hence, it is one of the most sought-after freelancing jobs that are as per the era.

4. Freelance Writing

Talking of content writing, no one is a stranger to this class of freelancing. The job is as simple as it sounds. Clients hire freelancers to write for them. 

Types of Freelance Jobs

As the Digi-world flourishes by the passing hour, the demand for writes keeps rising. From academic writers to creative writers, there are plenty of options. 

The best part of a freelancing content writing job is opportunity, diversity, and freedom. Even freelance transcription jobs can be considered part of writing, which involves writing transcripts of audio or video. 

Besides, there are many different types of content writing that one can specialize in. Here are the top four most in-demand writing jobs in 2021:

  • Copywriting for Websites

Websites are the new big thing when it comes to selling goods in this modern age. Well-crafted content is like the most persuasive employee you could have in store. 

Therefore, website copies are the focus of brands when formulating an online presence. Similarly, the scope of a freelance copywriter is never-ending. 

As time passes and one gains experience and develops a broader skillset, future clients will offer him better pay for the same job.

  • Article Writing

There are plenty of established platforms where one can write and gain revenue via ads. However, a freelance writer has more options. 

Many companies’ websites are now coming with a blog section where they feature articles that help their website index on Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). So clients hire a writer to write for their website. This job also has an endless scope.

  • Writing Social Media Ads

Social media has penetrated deeper into our daily lives than we could have ever imagined. Therefore, its influence is undeniable. 

Many brands run marketing campaigns across platforms like Instagram and Facebook. And writing small but persuasive social media ads is a skill that has enormous potential, and ad writers are some of the most sought-after writers of this modern age.

  • Freelancing Medical Writing Jobs

Research is the base of all scientific discoveries, especially in medicine. Therefore, medical writing is a profitable profession that helps one gain heaps of knowledge side by side. 

As only experts can go for this job, it has a relatively higher pay rate.

5. Freelance Drone Jobs (Freelance Photography and Cinematography) 

This category of freelancing jobs is the least bustling, and rightfully so. A drone pilot is a challenging job to land, but once you land it, it pays you over $100,000 with ease. 

Freelance Drone Jobs

So, what does a freelance drone pilot do, and what do you need to become one?

The first and last thing you need is a professional drone. The demand for aerial photography and cinematics has spread like wildfire. 

On the contrary, there are very few experienced drone pilots in the industry. Therefore, it is one of the high-demand freelancing jobs.

A freelance drone job requires operating a camera-studded drone and taking breathtaking shots from as high as 400 ft. The cinematics taken from a drone are to die for. Hence the need for drone shots, and ultimately, drone pilots, is very high.

It requires a one-time investment followed by loads of practice. But once one becomes a maestro of drone shots, there is a sea of high paying opportunities waiting for them. 


Platforms like Fiverr and Flexjobs are best for people trying to land a job as a drone photographer/videographer. 

And if that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of potential freelance drone jobs in our daily lives as well. Be it weddings or birthdays, a cinematic shot can add an unforgettable flair to it. 

Hence, anyone looking to step into this freelancing class will get loads of opportunities if he is skilled enough.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is basically like a personal assistant who communicates and assists with the duties of an executive, but all online. 

Like an office assistant is bound to a number of different tasks, the same is the case for a VA.

A virtual assistant is supposed to offer administrative support, reply to emails, offer customer support, schedule your boss’ meetings, and help manage all kinds of projects. 

People may confuse it with freelance writing, but there is more to a virtual assistant’s job. VA jobs often include several additional duties apart from writing. 

They are also required to handle emails and managing clients’ communication and schedule.

As a freelancer, there are ample opportunities for anyone who wants to become a virtual assistant. You need to have a diverse set of skills to land a VA job. 

Clients are looking for all-rounders for this role, so the more skills you have, the better your chances of getting hired.

The great thing about a VA is that you can do this job remotely anywhere from around the world. Professional VA who are well-versed in communication and collaboration tools can make good money working for executives and managers of big companies. 

Communication is the single most important skill for a VA. So ensure that you know how to communicate with clients and on behalf of them with others. 

7. Freelance Blogging Jobs

Besides, blogging is the ideal form of generating a passive income. You can start your blog and become self-employed. Write for your blog and once it gets monetized, earn a fortune. 

Freelance Blogging Jobs

Besides, an established blogger can also make money by just guest-posting about different brands. The companies pay formidable amounts to the blog owners to get a direct audience and potential clients in return.

Becoming a successful blogger requires time and energy, but once you’ve built your brand, opportunities will come to you. Brands would want to collaborate with you and get featured on your blog, be it a website or social media account. 

You don’t require a degree to establish yourself as a blogger. However, you must have a good grasp of writing and creating content to stand out from all that competition.

Another type of freelancing job is affiliate blog writing. Affiliate blogs are well-researched pieces of content that include buying guides that enlighten people about the products they want to purchase. 

This works because the blog gets a cut from the revenue whenever a visitor purchases via the affiliate link. It is a job for seasoned professionals as most companies only affiliate with experienced bloggers with high traffic on their blogs. 

For aspiring writers looking to get this type of freelancing job, they need to write for an already established blog or start their own.

8. Web Development

A big chunk of all web developers takes the freelancing route instead of working nine to five. The reason behind this is that the freelancing community helps them to reach the epitome of their potentials. 

Web developers specialize in one or many programming languages. The most in-demand programming language at the moment is Python. 

So, if anyone is eager to learn Python, head over to Udemy, and become a master.

As a developer, one should understand that the money they make is directly related to the value they provide to the client. 

Therefore, the wisest decision is to become as skillful as possible and provide your clients’ best services.

There are several options for a developer to work in. Types of freelancing jobs for developers include creating e-commerce stores, company websites, and many other items. 

The only thing required for this, apart from skills, is patience. There are several developers already working in the market. Therefore, it is vital to spend time mastering a specific niche before finding jobs.

9. Search Engine Optimization

SEO, also referred to as SEM(Search Engine Marketing), is the heart and soul of everything on the internet. 

In simple words, SEO means that one optimizes his/her webpage, blog post, and everything online to rank on the first page of search engines like Google.

This is undoubtedly a significant factor in any company’s or any website’s success. Ninety percent of people only refer to the links present on the first page of their search results. 

An SEO professional specializes in modifying the websites, their content, their images, and everything to help them rank on SERPs.

SEO professionals have numerous opportunities, as every single brand wants their web page to show on Google’s first page. 

fiverr logo

So, to learn SEO, head over to Udemy, and take full advantage of their courses. Once you have mastered SEO, land your first job at Fiverr, Flexjobs, Upwork, or SolidGigs.Solidgigs Logo

10. Accountant/Bookkeeper

As an accountant, there are several job openings for you in the freelancing community. They require the highest level of expertise, and in return, they pay you back big time. 

An accounting expert must be proficient in using Excel. On top of that, one must also be aware of the tax laws and everything related to it.

As any professional job would require, the experience is needed, not only as a record of your performance on paper but also on the real world’s first-hand experience. 

It should come as no surprise that only a skillful accountant can work his way in the freelancing world.

Bookkeeping requires a certain level of auditing experience. Based on that and your first-hand skills, a client will readily hire you for your services. 

The best part about it? You can do bookkeeping for other freelancers. Hence you would have a greater exposure in the freelancing community that will help you leaps and bounds.

Notably, freelancing, no matter what the type may be, is a full-time job. If you want to earn as good if not better as a regular job, you must invest your full time. 

Although the working hours are flexible, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work hard. Regardless, look at the highest paying types of freelance jobs.

Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

When it comes to freelancing, your skill level determines your pay quality, no matter your field. Let us explain. 

The best copywriter in the world will generate more significant revenue than an amateur videographer. Hence it is utterly essential to stick to one skill and master it.

Nonetheless, there are still a few types of freelance jobs that pay better than the rest. Simply because of three reasons. 

  • They require a more extensive skill set to begin with. 
  • They need tremendous effort. 
  • The number of competent freelancers offering their services in these fields is small.


Amid this pandemic, freelancers’ demand has climbed the charts like never before. According to Upwork, the world’s leading freelancing platform, these ten jobs were paid the highest over the last year.

  1. Legal entity structuring – $255 per hour
  2. Blackline – $220 per hour
  3. Bitcoin – $215 per hour
  4. International Accounting Standards – $215 per hour
  5. Software licensing – $200 per hour
  6. Applied Behavioral Analysis – $195 per hour
  7. Behavioral design – $195 per hour
  8. Trade law – $185 per hour
  9. Image object recognition – $180 per hour
  10. Trademark consulting – $180 per hour

These jobs paid the best because they are relatively complex. A freelancer needs to learn these jobs for years and then land a wage this high.

On the contrary, if you are searching for something quick (who doesn’t want a fast alternative?) or looking for ways to earn free money, you have quite a few options. 

Several skills take little to no time to learn, and in under a month, you can land your first client. They are called micro freelancing jobs in technical terms. 

Read the following abstract and discover how effective micro freelancing jobs are.

Are Micro Freelancing Jobs Effective?

What is Micro Freelancing? In simple words, micro freelancers get hired to do small tasks for a small amount of money in a little time frame. Hence, the name would come as no surprise. It starts from as low as $5 per task.

But if it pays so low, how can it be salutary? Well, there is more to micro freelancing than just the small income. 


Established platforms like Fiverr, 99Designs, and Toptal have a freelancer’s profile. Whenever one completes a job, the review system adds feedback to their profile, increasing their value.

Toptal Logo


Head over to any of the following platforms, and land your first micro freelance job now:

So not only do you earn a small amount of money for doing a tiny task, but you also enhance your profile. This improvement is priceless in the long term as it can help you land more prominent clients. 

Employers will prefer a profile studded with five-star reviews as they will see that the freelancer has a great deal of expertise in the field.

Are micro freelancing jobs practical? Yes, they are. However, you must ensure that you don’t stick to it. 

Use the opportunity to learn, grow, and have good exposure in the industry. Micro freelancing jobs are the inception of something big. 

A decent investment and you could be landing high-paying jobs as good as $100 for a small task. So spend your time wisely, and invest yourself in the right places.

What are Freelance Mountain Leader Jobs?

Mountain leaders are commonly referred to as guides. This job has only two requirements: communication skills and expert knowledge of the history and culture of the area you will be taking the tourists to.

Groups of tourists hire freelance mountain leaders to enhance their experience and learn more about the area they are touring. 

The job requires one to be adventurous, engaging, and sporty as he/she will be leading a whole group in rugged terrain, having informative conversations with them simultaneously.

Types of Freelancing Jobs for Seasoned Professionals – What to Choose?

As you have gone through a detailed and comprehensive account of the different types of freelancing jobs, now is your time to shine. There are hundreds of options to choose from. We only mentioned the top ten most in-demand careers.

Before picking a job, we suggest you explore all the options. If you are a complete rookie, you must spend time finding what you’re really good at. 

And the only way to do that is by tasting every flavor. Once you find your forte, stick to it, and become an expert. Always remember that the salary is NOT for a job. It’s for how good you are at it.

It’s easier if you’re a seasoned professional with a specific set of skills. For you, it comes down to marketing your skill to those looking to hire people with vast experience. 

Therefore, become a master of your game and make a fortune. As you get more clients and more work, you can even earn upwards of $100,000 a year, just through freelancing alone. 

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