10 TaskRabbit Alternatives – Similar Apps & Sites

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Are you looking to increase your monthly income? You can always become a part of the ever-expanding gig economy. If you have already tried TaskRabbit, we have listed a few TaskRabbit alternatives, some even offering you better opportunities.

10 TaskRabbit Alternatives – Earn Gig Income

Who doesn’t love the idea of working independently and getting the value they decide for their productivity? That’s precisely the reason why the gig economy is taking over the traditional 9 to 5 job market.

Did you know that the gig economy is currently growing three times faster than the traditional job market?

In 2018, freelancers generated about $1.28 trillion for the national economy in the US.

Needless to say, there are a plethora of opportunities in this area for people who’re looking for a stable, passive income.

We know what you’re thinking, you have no idea where to look for such jobs and land gigs for yourself, right?

Enter TaskRabbit. It’s among the most popular apps in the gig economy. The app helps users find their way around and get jobs they love.

Besides, there are also other apps like TaskRabbit that you can go for. Here’s our list for Taskrabbit alternatives to help increase your chances of finding a perfect gig.

Best Apps Similar to TaskRabbit

Here are a handful of apps similar to TaskRabbit to help you increase your gig economy income.


DoorDash is quickly becoming a popular food delivery app. You can make money by delivering food from restaurants to people’s doors. It’s as simple as that, and you can make good money with tips.

DoorDash Logo

You work on your own schedule, but the more hours you put in, the more money you can make, especially during rush hours. While DoorDash isn’t active in the entire country, it’s present in all the major US and Canada cities.

All you really need is your own car or bike, and you make money driving around.

Unlike TaskRabbit, you don’t have to try to find work. The orders will come to you.

Hourly Pay Tip % Delivery Volume Next Steps
$10-$14/hour 100% Excellent Read Review


Fiverr is a well-known gig economy app that gained popularity soon after its advent in 2010. It has a vast online community of buyers and sellers from various countries.

Fiver as TaskRabbit Alternative

The app basically connects people who want the work done with people who want to do it and make transactions easy on both sides. The best part about Fiverr is that it has a wide range of work categories.

Some of the prominent ones include digital marketing, programming, graphic design, and video animation.

Most importantly, Fiverr is highly accessible. It has a user-friendly interface with a bright, intuitive design that guides you through the process smoothly.

Simply put, for those who don’t want to leave their homes, Fiverr is among the best TaskRabbit alternatives to find online gigs.

As a seller, you can create your gigs and set your price. You can even create your own packages for buyers who would want a long-term job relation with you.

After you start getting hired, you’ll have to maintain your track record to keep getting more gigs in the future.

However, you can only operate Fiverr online, so you’ll need to be connected at all times to get alerts and notification about new job opportunities.

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When it comes to the home services gig economy industry, Thumbtack is one of the leading names for both buyers and sellers.

Thumbtack logo

Home services is a vast category that includes carpeting, assembling, cleaning, maintenance, and much more. Thumbtack provides a platform for more than 1,100 different types of home service workers to find gigs online all over the US.

The most interesting aspect of the app is its geolocator. This system helps buyers find professionals and gig workers in their area. This way, it’s more likely you’ll find work nearby with Thumbtack.

Besides that, Thumbtack is open for both professional contractors and independent newbies. You can post your profile and look for jobs even if you’re already established business, or you’re just looking for some passive income.

Moreover, at Thumbtack, everyone can set their rates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t budge from your original price.

The platform allows you to negotiate with your clients and even provide another quote before you take the job.

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Next on our list of TaskRabbit alternatives, Zaarly is an excellent gig economy platform that is created by keeping consumers in mind.

However, if you’re a legit freelancer, there’s no way you won’t be able to get your work’s worth on the app.

Zaarly logo

With its main concentration on home services, the platform streamlines its consumer searches by displaying the best professionals available. This way, if you’re an independent freelancer, you’ll need to maintain your ratings to get more work on Zaarly.

Other than that, Zaarly’s freelancer scrutiny is exceptional. It concentrates on providing a safe policy for its consumers, which, in turn, increases the reliability of its freelancers. Before getting approved for Zaarly, freelancers have to go through a thorough nine-step screening process.

Additionally, scamming freelancers who don’t show up for the job are charged a $100 fine.

Currently, Zaarly only operates in certain states in the US. Some of them include TX, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Dallas.

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Takl is another gig economy platform with apps compatible with iOS and Android. Created in 2015, it mainly connects people who need work done around the house with people who can do them.

Takl logo

You can get paid to do lots of jobs through Takl, such as junk removal, lawn grooming, delivery, running errands, pet care, and cleaning.

In addition, there are about 400 different jobs on the platform that you can choose from. Once you sign up, you have to create your own profile.

The app will ask you for your location, skill, and availability.

Furthermore, Takl has a convenient quick pay feature. Through this feature, all professionals can process their payments and transactions electronically on their smartphones.

This eliminates the hassle of paper invoices and reduces clutter and confusion for professional workers.


Shiftgig is another TaskRabbit alternative that aims to modernize traditional job systems. The app lets people make the most of their free time by looking for hourly and part-time jobs.

Shiftgig logo

Depending on the time you have available, you can choose the gigs you want to take up. Shiftgig has both full-time and part-time opportunities for talented professionals.

Besides that, Shiftgig isn’t limited to home services gigs. You can find other kinds of jobs that fit your skills and broaden your horizons as well.

However, if you have limited time at hand, you can find lots of odd-jobs to generate some quick income.


If you’re a tech-savvy person who is looking for developing and coding projects online for some extra bucks, Gigster is the ultimate TaskRabbit alternative for you.

The app works just like Fiverr or TaskRabbit but has terrific opportunities for freelancers from the tech sector.

Gigster logo

It’s a reliable platform, and some applications developed on Gigster have even won awards from Apple.

This means consumers flock on the site, so there’s lots of work available for aspiring professionals.

As a professional working on Gigster, you can set your own price depending on the type, time duration, and complexity of the project.

Besides that, Gigster also has an in-app chatting platform where consumers can communicate with freelancers and stay updated on every stage of their project.


For a home improvement enthusiast, Porch is the ultimate platform like TaskRabbit to cash your skills.

On this app, you can get the opportunity to take up all kinds of handiwork gigs from electrical, plumbing, and landscaping, to HVAC and assembling.

Porch logo

What makes Porch different from TaskRabbit is that it’s mainly a lead generator.

This means home improvement workers and business owners searching for the gig can get a list of leads from the app, and pursue the consumers themselves.

Moreover, the site gets you jobs that fit you according to your skill set and location. If you live in a place where Porch isn’t available, the site will generate leads for you using its home services affiliate sites.

Besides that, it has attractive deals for business owners to grow further in their field.

They can sign up for monthly individual leads and even priority assignments.

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Angie’s List

Angie’s List is also an app like TaskRabbit that you can use to land home improvement gigs for yourself. But, the opportunities don’t end here.

If you’re not up for home improvement tasks, you can get lots of odd-jobs from Angie’s List as well.

Angie’s List logo

You can go for healthcare, pet care, babysitting, and even small tasks like running errands and delivering parcels.

It works in the same way as TaskRabbit, but there are some aspects that make it preferable. While TaskRabbit allows everyone to post reviews about their gig workers, even anonymously, Angie’s List does not.

This, in turn, eliminates malicious ways to increase and decrease ratings for gig workers.

Also, it makes sure that the consumers only receive verified reviews when they’re looking for someone to do their jobs for them.

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Peer Hustle

Peer Hustle is the ultimate Taskrabbits alternative for people who need options to work remotely or in person. Freelancers can register themselves on the platform and start getting job proposals based on their skills and availability.

Peer Hustle logo

What we like about Peer Hustle is that it connects gig workers and consumers according to their locations. This way, if you’re a freelancer, you don’t have to compete with workers all over the world, but only the ones in your area.

Furthermore, the app publicly displays the price for every freelancer. That’s an excellent thing for freelancers as they won’t have to go through the pain of answering prospective hirers and providing individual price quotes to each of them.

Only interested buyers will approach them, keeping the price in mind.

However, if anyone from both sides wants to communicate during or after the project is completed, Peer Hustle has in-app messaging, calling, and video calling features as well.

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An Introduction to TaskRabbit

Taskrabbit is an online portal where ‘Taskers’ can find different kinds of jobs provided by local consumers.

These jobs include a wide array of options such as cleaning, maintenance, delivery, running errands, home improvement, and plumbing.

Simply, you can cash your soft skills, or look for anything that you’re good at and get paid.

TaskRabbit logoSpecifically, the app is useful for people who’re looking to start a home services business. You can use the gigs you land through this app to establish your own recurring business.

How? It’s easy, for every job you complete on TaskRabbit, the client will review your work and provide a rating.

If that rating is good, you’ll attract more clients and, in turn, get more work.

Besides that, TaskRabbit lets you organize your profile by adding your pay rate, skills, availability, and even check your balance from your smartphone, unlike other sites like TaskRabbit.

All you have to do is download the app, look for a job, complete it, and get paid!

So, why should you be looking for an alternative to TaskRabbit? We’ve got the answer for you.

Why Should You Look for TaskRabbit Alternatives?

Currently, TaskRabbit is on a roll as far as the online gig economy is concerned. It has several thousand users on both Android and iOS platforms with a flashy 4.2-4.7 rating.

However, there are a few drawbacks that make this site a little outdated. The most significant issue is that TaskRabbit tends to arrange taskers according to their popularity on the app.

This way, users see a list of taskers recommended by the app, unless they change the settings every time they search for a freelancer.

That’s great for you if you’re a famous freelancer, but if you’re a beginner, it’s challenging to grow.

So, if you’re planning to generate a stable gig income and this is a major turn-off for you, don’t worry.

There are many other TaskRabbit alternatives where you can make money with side hustles listed below.


Before you landed on this page, you were probably thinking about how to make money online.

Well, now you have nine different TaskRabbit alternatives to check out. Whether you’re a person with a specified skill set or just someone who wants to use their time productively, finding work online is easy.

Sites like TaskRabbit allow you to find small and high-scale jobs from different categories close to you or overseas.

Once you begin working independently and earning good gig income, you’re the pilot of your own life, and the sky’s the limit.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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