10 Best Dividend Income Trackers – Monitor Dividend Payments

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If you are an investor, especially a dividend growth investor, the best dividend tracker is a must-have for you. To make it easier for you to choose between the best, we have listed the very best dividend income trackers in this article.

Are you into dividend growth investing? If yes, a dividend tracker is a must for you. 

These smart trackers help you monitor your passive dividend income every day. In addition,  these tools also help in reinvesting this income to grow your portfolio. 

If you play your cards right with the real-time info these trackers feed you, you could be looking at complete financial freedom down the lane. 

A dividend tracker is also called an investment tracker. It is a software or app that can provide the tools and even the expertise to increase your income through dividends.

For example, you can benefit from compound interest by reinvesting the income you receive. 

If you have several investments, like a taxable brokerage account, a 401(k) plan, and an IRA, it can be challenging to manage all these investments and keep a track on the dividends.   

My personal favorite is Personal Capital. I can manage my dividend and passive income for free in less than 10 minutes per month.


Personal Capital


Personal Capital is my personal favorite for managing my passive income cash flows, investments and retirement accounts. With their free net worth tracker and retirement planner, I can manage my money in less than 10 minutes per month.

List of the Best Dividend Trackers

These are the best dividend tracking software, some of which are free as well. You can choose the one that meets your overall investment portfolio tracking needs. 

Personal Capital

Personal Capital Logo

Personal Capital remains the most popular investment tracking app, especially in the US. It has over two million users, with assets over $500 billion. This is because of the wide range of investments it can track and many helpful tools it provides.

You can connect virtually any kind of investment account with your profile on this app. From stocks to retirement plans, you can track the progress of these investments through simplified graphs that help make sense of the big picture.

Personal Capital is a free dividend tracking for all kinds of investors. When you link your dividend income accounts, this app can give you the tools to evaluate where you stand with your current investments and how you can further your goals. 

The best part is it even gives risk level information to help you balance your investment portfolio. 

Using the projections for future investment growths that Personal Capital suggests, you can reinvest your dividends in those sources. Similarly, the Portfolio Checkup feature can help you save money on mutual fund fees. 

You can easily link Personal Capital with Robinhood or any other brokerage firm that you use. It allows you to set the period for which it tracks and reports dividend earning. For example, you can set if for 60 days. 



Robinhood app

Robinhood is all about stocks, so it’s the best dividend tracker. The tool makes the whole process of stock management and dividend tracking pretty simple.

Even a rookie just starting out in stocks can use its tools to build a healthy portfolio and maximize dividend profits. 

Since Robinhood is a brokerage firm, they offer tough security too. You can see both historical and future dividend payments. Like any other brokerage firm, it pays out the dividends automatically. 

The interface of this dividend tracking app is what makes it stand out from any of the top investment tracking apps. The navigation is pretty smooth, and you can check the progress of your stocks on the go. 

You’re always informed every time a dividend is paid. 

Although Robinhood lacks DRIP, a dividend reinvestment program, it’s still easy to reinvest the dividend income at your own discretion. This essentially allows more freedom for the investor to invest in different stocks. 

Since there are no commissions, you end up with more money from your dividend payments. If you’re just starting out with a small capital, this might be the perfect brokerage firm for you. 

With notifications showing dividend payouts, you’ll be even more motivated to invest in stocks and tactically grow your investments. 


Motley Fool

Motley Fool logo

Motley Fool does not have a dividend or investment tracking tool, but it’s still a great source for finding reliable information regarding dividends. 

While you can use apps to track dividends from the stocks you already have invested in, you can use the Motley Fool website to become a better investor. 

If you want to invest in passive income, you need stocks that will ideally pay high dividends regularly. 

Motley Fool newsletter can help you stay informed about how the stock market is doing and which companies are doing well. With that information, you can use your existing dividend income to invest in those stocks. 

Billionaires and millionaires around the world rely on this advising agency to build their stock investment portfolio. That does not mean it’s not for small investors.

With the Stock Advisor tool, you can also look at the historical performance of stocks and the dividends they paid. 

The Motley Fool portfolio tracking tools include instant alerts, a library of stock recommendations, and reports about major stocks. These tools are perfect for a novice investor to quickly become a seasoned one. 


Finbox is a tool to monitor your stocks and dividend payments. It’s more like a stock screening tool that can help you optimize your stock investments and increase income through dividends.

With automation and analysis, this tool makes trading much more convenient. 

If you regularly trade on the stock market, Finbox will provide you with all that you need to make profits. Investors and asset managers already use this application.

Not only does it help you find stocks that meet your criteria, but it also shows their historical data. 

You also get add-ons like Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets to make financial models. It may be a tad bit advanced for a novice trader, but there’s a guide section with a lot of material that you can study.

Finbox has a free version and two paid plans that are quite affordable. 



Dividend.com logo

Dividend.com is all about dividends, which makes it a top choice for dividend management and tracking. While most other tools focus on different investment tools, Dividend.com is specifically designed for those looking to make more of their stock dividend cash. 

You can use the tools on this platform to narrow down dividend-paying stocks from a large pool of stocks.

These include a Dividend Assistant that basically lets you sync your brokerage account. The Dividend Stock Screener is an analytical tool that matches dividend-paying stocks with your investment goals. 

What you will find most useful in monitoring dividend payments is the Ex-Dividend Date. With so many different dates regarding dividends, it can get a bit confusing for investors. 

However, Ex-Dividend is one of the important ones as you must be the owner of the stock before this ex-dividend date, to receive the payment. 

For those who want to benefit from compounding interest, the Compounding Returns Calculator can estimate how they can grow their earnings from stocks and dividends.

The Premium Tools on Dividend.com can provide even more advanced tools like Dividend Payout Changes and a searchable Ex-Dividend Date list. 

Most of the tools are free for investors, so anyone can take advantage of them. You can also find articles and news to stay updated regarding stocks and dividends. 

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Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo Finance

If Yahoo’s search engine was anything like their finance app, they would be giving Google some serious competition. They have managed to make a finance app that provides useful tools and doubles as a source for all your financial news.

The interface is quite decent too, making it easier for everyone to use it. 

You can add stocks you want to keep an eye on to get real-time information and quotes about them. You can also track your stocks, bonds, and commodities, right on the app.

With Yahoo! Finance becoming one of the most popular finance websites, you can rely on the information they provide. 

With interactive screen charts, it makes it easier to track the performance of your stocks. If you’re after dividend-yielding stocks, this app might just help you identify which stock to buy and grow your passive income just from dividends. 

Available for both iOS and Android, the app has over a million users.

Since it’s free, and from a major search engine company, there will be ads. 


Mint Logo

Mint may be a budgeting software, but you can also use it as a dividend tracking software. As a free app, you can use it for budgeting your income from stocks, so as to make the best out of the dividends you receive. 

For those looking for a blend of financial tracking and budgeting, Mint is the solution. You link your IRA account, your 401(k) accounts, and your brokerage accounts. It will keep a check on the performance of these accounts and compare them with a market benchmark. 

With Mint, not only can you monitor the dividend income but also get an overall understanding of where you stand with your investments.

The budgeting aspect also helps you increase investments, as the more you save, the more capital you have in your hands to invest. 

Since the purpose of this software is to help you save money, it also helps you target unnecessary fees. You can see how these fees can affect your investments in the long run.

‘While it’s not a full-blown dividend tracker, it still offers some level of support in tracking dividend payments.

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SigFig Portfolio Tracker

SigFig logo

Although SigFig is an investment advisor tool, it also comes with a free Portfolio Tracker tool. You can use it for free, without even paying for the advisor tool. This makes it ideal for those who do not want to pay for such a tool. 

You will receive a weekly email, summarising the performance of your stocks. This is not merely words, but also graphical data to help you understand the trends.

Not just that, you also get the latest news regarding your portfolio. 

Unlike other apps on this list, SigFig Portfolio Tracker does not advise regarding investment or even manage your portfolio. 

However, the information it provides can help you track dividends through stock performance reviews. As information is key when it comes to stock, you can use this tool to effectively grow your portfolio. 

You can also track the market in real-time.

It allows you to sync your brokerage account from over 80 brokerage firms. A distinguishing feature of SigFig is a phone and chat support, that’s usually missing from such tracking apps. 

If you like how SigFig is helping you track your investments and dividend payments, you can always upgrade to receive advice as well.

Moreover, the app proves helpful in finding hidden fees and overexposure to a single stock. 

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Ticker – Stocks Portfolio Manager

Ticker Logo

Ticker Stocks Portfolio Manager is a comprehensive app for tracking stock investments and dividend payments. Available on iOS it allows you to manage multiple investment accounts from a single dashboard. 

The analytical data Ticker provides for your stocks is easy to understand. You see real-time account values, as well as profit and loss.

With stock watch lists, you can keep a track on some of the most sought-after stocks and create alerts for when a stock is trading above or below a price you have set. 

You will have to enter your investment information for stocks manually. You can also monitor currency and mutual funds. 

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Morningstar is yet another comprehensive finance app for tracking and managing your investments.

The highlighting feature of this tool is Portfolio X-Ray. This feature gives you a breakdown of your holdings, which can be helpful to detect duplication of stock holdings. 

This tool also comes with a plethora of guides that can help you invest in a diverse range of areas.

With its tools and guides, you can use it as a stock dividend tracker, and ultimately, increase your passive income from stocks. 

Morningstar has a subscription fee as it’s targeted at professional investors.

If you own stocks worth tens of thousands, this monthly subscription could very well be worth the price. 

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Conclusion on Best Dividend Tracker

Many investors do not pay as much attention to tracking dividends as they should.

If you focus on stocks that yield decent dividends every quarter, you could have a stream of extra income, doing nothing. 

By using a quality dividend tracker or an investment app that has tools for dividend tracking, you could increase your investments by reinvesting the cash from these dividends.

These small strategies can play a big role in giving you a healthy portfolio and an early retirement to enjoy your life without money troubles. 

What is your favorite dividend tracker to use?

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